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Jamai Raja 24th September 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sid seeing the decorator with Shabnam and warns him that if he comes to know about his involvement in the accident that he will not spare him. DD attends the guests. Nani tells waiter that she will bring the DVD. Krutika tells Yash that she don’t have any option left. Sam comes and threatens Krutika. She says I should be ashamed as you both are shamelessly standing together. Yash asks her to leave. Krutika says I have to go. Sam twists her hand and says I will see what is in you which I don’t have. Yash asks what you are doing? Sam says Yash is hurt when I hurt you and leaves her hand. Yash asks her not to do any drama. Sam pushes Krutika on Yash and asks the photographers to click their photo. The photographers click their photos. Yash says we were trapped in a conspiracy and asks her to understand.

DD addresses for the attendees and tells These are satisfied as a new family member have filled their daily life with Pleasure. Nani asks Kesar to give CD to DD as soon as she completed the speech. Shabnam eyes the CD. Sam tells Krutika that she don’t treatment about Yash’s wondering and says I have several passionate photos of you the two. She threatens to leak her shots and states you’ve got just 10 mins. DD many thanks the guests once more and tells joy came in a little packet and blossomed fresh new air of their property. She claims that modest packet identify is Ayesha. Absolutely everyone claps. Sam tells everyone is gathered and threatens to point out her pictures about the projector.

Krutika asks her not to do this and beg her. She states I cherished only Rajveer and couldn’t forgive him. Sam holds her hairs and suggests I couldn’t forget about him even. She says you equally have betrayed me. She asks her to agree to her sayings else she will expose her. Krutika suggests I didn’t do anything at all. Sam threatens her, although Krutika goes after her inquiring her not to try this. DD speaks about Ayesha. Krutika agrees to marry. Sam asks her to marry till the month conclude else. Bua Dadi claims I will see fantastic groom for you personally, and thinks to deliver her without delay immediately after cursing her.

Tunes starts off. Sid and Roshni dance to the track Dil Kare Chun Chaa………DD tells that she hopes to share her sweet Reminiscences and asks to play the DVD. Everyone seems to be shocked although Shabnam smirks. DD asks in which is my DVD. She asks Kesar to change the DVD once they see some other person pics. Just then they see Shiv’s images along with his other spouse and children and they are shocked. Ayesha phone calls him Abbu. Shabnam claims Abbu…………Nani says Shiv……….DD stands shockingly. Roshni, Sid and DD are shocked.

Media persons ask if you accept these two illegitimate girls? DD looks on shockingly.

Written Update By Sahir


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