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Jamai Raja 24th December 2015 Written Update

Jamai Raja watch online

The Episode starts with Bansi Maasi threatening DD. DD asks her not to hurry up and understand the situation. Mona hears them and thinks there is some big secret between them. Krutika is busy with the decoration arrangements. Bunty asks her not to work in this condition. Krutika gets angry. Simran and Raj are happy as Sid and Roshni are coming. Roshni tells Sid that she forgot her mangasultra inside. Sid says we shall go from here and I will buy you a new mangalsutra. Roshni says she wants her mangalsutra only.Sid goes inside to bring. Bansi’s son tells that Roshni doesn’t want to come with them and says if she doesn’t come with her wish then Lakshmi will not come. Bansi looks on. Mona and Kesar asks Nani why DD is scared with Bansi. Nani thinks there is a big secret which will shattered the family. She comes to Bansi and says she can’t think that her friend would do such a thing, would stab on her back.

Bansi says these words don’t suit you and says you have kept my bahu since many years. I thought you will return our bahu, but you got her married. She says my childhood friend has betrayed me. I will not leave you both and will settle scores with you both. Sid comes inside the house and takes Roshni’s mangalsutra. He thinks he understands Roshni’s fear and promises that nobody can snatch her Sid from her. He gets Raj’s call informing him that Simran made so many dishes for them. Sid asks him to relax and says he is busy. Simran says they were thinking to send them on a honeymoon. Sid says so much is going on here and says he will call her later. Simran and Raj are happy and hug each other. Simran asks him to taste kheer made by her.

DD gives a blank cheque to Bansi and asks her not to interfere in Roshni’s life. Nani asks her the same thing. Bansi tears the cheque and throws at them. Sid wonders where is everyone. Bansi says you are showing me money. I don’t want this Lakshmi, but my Lakshmi. She says I will take my bahu with me. DD asks her to see Nani’s condition and understand.

Kunal comes to Roshni and asks him to come to his village. Roshni says even my sandal has rejected you, just look at your face. Kunal says he knows his grand mum and she will take her to their village. He asks her to agree, and says I can see that you and your husband are very much close. Roshni asks him to take back his villager family back to his village. Kunal says we were childhood friends and that’s why I came here to explain you. He says it was my duty to make you understand and please don’t blame me. Roshni thinks she can see fear in Kunal’s eyes. She says we won’t stay here. I will take Sid far from here. DD asks Bansi to give her sometime to convince Roshni. Bansi gives her a day’s time and tells that if she couldn’t convince Roshni then she will tell truth to Roshni. She says Roshni will be shattered then. Sid hears them and thinks DD is a very strong minded woman, and is standing helpless infront of Bansi. He thinks to find out about the secret and thinks he can’t leave his family in this toughest time.

He thinks I can’t leave Nani and DD here and thinks how to convince Roshni. Roshni thinks why he haven’t come till now? She comes inside and asks did you find my mangalsutra? Sid says we are not going anywhere? Roshni asks you have brainwashed. She calls DD and asks what she said to him. DD says she didn’t say anything and says if Sid doesn’t know then it is good. Roshni blames DD and says you can’t see me happy. Sid says it is my decision not to leave this house. Roshni says fine, I will leave from the house. Sid says you will not go anywhere. Bansi says they are very close to each other and says she will stop them. Her son says not now. Roshni says she will wait for him in the room and they will go together. DD thanks Sid.

Kunj calls Roshni and tells about Twinkle’s birthday. Roshni tells about her problem. Kunj invites her for party and says we will try to find the solution together.

Written Update By H Hasan


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