Jamai Raja 23rd September 2016 Written Update

Jamai Raja 23rd September 2016 Written Episode Update


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Jamai Raja 23rd September 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Naina telling Satya about Siddharth Khurana, and tells that he came in our life as an angel and won his love. She tells do you know why I am telling you this, and you resembles him with face and character. She asks him to win his love Mahi. Satya says you said right and tells that his name is Satya and his mum says that he will never lose. He tells that it is matter of his heart now and will win Mahi. He challenges Dida that he will marry Mahi. Naina gets happy as he calls her Dida and promises to win Mahi.

Satya thinks Mahi will come to him after reading the letter and seeing the note. Mahi comes there and throws bouquet on his face. She tells him that Koel saw this bouquet in my room and tells that she was insulted because of him. Satya holds her hand and come closer. Mahi says Koel loves you. Satya says but I love…. Mahi asks him to leave her hand. She pushes him and asks him to stay far from him. He thinks I love you and I will make you confess your feelings to me.

Payal and Satya are searching the file. Satya tells her that she is doing urgency in Mahi’s marriage. Payal asks him to search file and says she is having allergy to dust. She goes. Satya tries searching the file and gets Sid’s diary which he wrote for Karanveer, thinks he is the one told my Dida. He starts reading it and thinks it seems I am his son and these words are for me. He gets impresses by him. Payal tells that she couldn’t hire anyone for the wedding planning. Naina says it is Mahi’s marriage. Satya comes and says he will become wedding planner for her. Mahi asks him not to interfere. Payal likes the idea. Naina says it is good that house matter will be in house only. Satya says you said right and thinks lets see who will win this dulhaniya. Satya comes to the storeroom to read Sid’s diary. Mahi comes to him and asks what do you want? Satya asks her to check with her heart if she wants to stay with him or go far. He asks if anything happens to you when I am with you. Mahi stamps on his feet and says I will not let you succeed to ruin my wedding. Satya thinks groom will change and your hero will be me..Satya.

Payal talks to lawyer and tells that Mahi will get married in a week and before that I want property to be transferred on my name, I was waiting for it since years. Mahi comes and says mom….Payal is shocked. Mahi keeps her head on her shoulder, as she had not heard anything. She tells that she is feeling unwell. Satya thinks about Sid’s words that one have to shake hands with enemy to reach the goal. He sees Dhawal coming and thinks to act to be friendly to him. Dhawal goes to Payal. Payal asks why you are getting nervous. Dhawal says I am trying to impress her. Payal says if we don’t get successful then we will not get any penny. Satya hears them.

Satya and Mahi get romantic while the song Afreen plays…………..

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