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Jamai Raja 21st October 2015 Written Update

Jamai Raja watch online

The Episode starts with Shabnam coming to store room in the night. Sid thinks Shabnam can’t stay quiet and will do something to ruin the happiness. He comes out of his room to have water. Shabnam picks the mehendi cone and holds bottle in her hand. She says Roshni’s hands will burn like her heart is burning. She is about to mix acid, but sees light in kitchen. She gets alert. Sid wonders who is in store room and closes the door. Shabnam is stuck in the store room. Sid leaves. Shabnam thinks Sid will get punishment for this and says I will make your wife mehendi very strong. She adds acid in the mehendi cones and seals it back. She says I am waiting for morning now.

In the morning, Sid comes and opens the store room door. He hides. Shabnam comes out secretly and goes. Sid looks at her and thinks he saw her hiding behind the chair. He thinks what is the matter, but this time you have to deal with Sid. He says I will not let anything happen to my wife, saas and family. He comes to storeroom and finds mehendi cones. He checks the cones and sees the seal compromised. He finds acid bottle near by and gets the proofs.

Bunty is about to eat food, but Bua Dadi asks him to keep fast and says Sid and Raj fast for their respective wife. Bunty says I am not Khurana to follow the customs. Bua Dadi asks him to go to his house, else follow their customs. She takes the food plate. Bunty says atleast give tea and drinks water.

Sam calls Yash and asks him to come for karwachauth. She says her family doesn’t know anything, and tells that Krutika is married now. Shabnam hears her. Sid asks her what she was hearing and says good girls shall not peep in someone’s room. He tells about a kid story and asks do you want same thing to happen to you. Shabnam says she didn’t hear such stories, and came to give juice to Sam. Sid says you are daughter of this house and shall not do cheap/small work. He takes the glass from her hand and comes to Sam. He asks if something is troubling her. Sam says nothing at all. Sid says I am there for you as a brother, and asks her to keep in mind. Sam thinks Sid will kill her if he comes to know about her involvement in Krutika’s marriage.

Sid and Roshni dance on the song Ho Balle Balle……………DD thinks happiness has returned her house. Everyone is happy and look at them. DD takes the video in her mobile. Sid continues dancing with Roshni and family. They sit for mehendi ritual. Shabnam offers to apply mehendi on her hand. Roshni says sure. Sid looks at the mehendi cone. Shabnam is about to apply mehendi. Sid calls someone and asks Roshni to attend call first. Roshni goes to attend the call. Shabnam gets angry. Ayesha asks her to apply mehendi on her hand. Shabnam says no. Ayesha insists. Shabnam asks her not to insists. Shabnam picks another mehendi cone. Roshni comes back and asks her to apply mehendi. Shabnam is about to apply mehendi again, but Sid stops Roshni. Nani asks what happened? Roshni asks what happened now?

Sid says I have the right to apply mehendi on my wife’s hand and says it has many aromas as it is the world’s best mehendi. Simran says you don’t know mehendi design. Roshni says it will be best mehendi as it will have his love. Sid says much love. Simran gets happy. DD says not bad Roshni. Raj says it is confidence. Shabnam tells Sid that she will apply mehendi on her other hand. Sid asks why and laughs. He says she is daughter and my saali, I feel like she wants to snatch my wife from me. Everyone looks on. Sid says I am attached to my wife like a gum and will never leave her. He asks Shabnam to get mehendi on her hands also. DD asks Shabnam to come and says she will apply mehendi on her hand. Sid gives the same cone to DD and asks her to apply. Shabnam gets tensed. Sid asks her not to shy from her badi maa and looks on.

Shabnam insists DD that she will get mehendi later after Roshni. Sid asks DD to apply mehendi. DD applies mehendi on her hand and Shabnam feels pain. DD asks her not to shake her hand.

Written Update By H Hasan


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