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Jamai Raja 20 October 2015 Written Update

Roshni telling Sid that why you are doubting Shabnam even now and says she has saved my life. She has accepted all her crimes. DD feels bad for taking out her anger on Shabnam. Gaffur goes to Shabnam’s ward and asks how are you? Shabnam presses her stomach and asks him not to kill her. Everyone rush inside and see Gaffur in wardboy’s attire. Gaffur tells DD that Shabnam is a snake and is plotting against them. DD asks Inspector to take him. Gaffur tells Sid that Shabnam is playing big game. Sid tells DD that they can hear him. DD says no and says she never trust her enemy. DD apologizes to Shabnam and says I have two daughters from now. She hugs her and apologizes. Shabnam calls her maa and recalls asking goon to target Roshni, but she will come in between. Sid still doubts her.

Bua Dadi thinks to do something and kick Bunty out of house. Bunty is seen having food. Bua Dadi goes to his room and sprinkle something on his bed. Gaffur tells Sid that Shabnam is very clever and took advantage of his enmity with DD. He says she came to him and said that she has to take revenge from DD for her ammi abbu. Gaffur says I agreed and shook hands with her, but she back stabbed on me. He says whatever has happened is because of them. He says I tried to get DD’s bad publicity, but she is the one who want to ruin all. He says I never wanted to kill DD and asks him to believe him.Sid says how to believe you. Gaffur is taken by the inspector. Sid thinks he has to make DD and Roshni see Shabnam’s truth.

Bua Dadi calls her guests and makes them sit for having food. She feels itching on her back. Her friends leave. Bunty takes her video and says I will show it to everyone.

Sid comes home and asks about Roshni. Nani says they might come now. Sid asks Shabnam to sit and apologizes for doubting her. Shabnam says others would have suspected me also, and says I was helpless. Roshni asks her not to cry and says you and Ayesha are together now. She says I will bring something for you. Sid tells Roshni that they shall go out and have food. Roshni refuses and says Shabnam has just come home. Sid tells Shabnam that they want to go out. Shabnam and DD ask them to go. Shabnam thinks I have trapped you jiju.

Sid tells Roshni that he’s incredibly fired up. Simran comes and holds his ear telling that he is eloping with her bahu just before karwachauth.Shabnam tells Simran named her to enquire about her heath and he or she informed her that you simply men and women are going somewhere. She states Simran insisted her to maintain karwachauth. Roshni receives pleased. DD claims my the two daughters will continue to keep the rapid.Shabnam thinks my doubt is genuine, and suggests Shabnam is terrible news for them. He says I’ll stand at the rear of Roshni and want to know precisely what is in her heart.

Roshni asks Sid not for getting offended and have sweets. Sid smiles. Roshni says We are going to go someplace right after karwachauth is finished. Roshni hugs him. Shabnam appears at them. Sid guarantees Roshni that he can make all moments Exclusive and they will Dwell a wonderful existence with each other. Shabnam receives offended.

DD tells Nani that mehendi girl is on how and asks Shabnam to have the layout on her hand. Just then someone provides mehendi from Simran’s household. Shabnam will get excited and claims she will preserve it. Sid normally takes it from her hand and asks her to get rest. Nani also asks her to rest. Sid seems on.

Shabnam mixes acid in mehendi to damage Roshni’s mehendi. She tells Roshni that she is going to use mehendi on her hand. Sid thinks he is not going to get her successful.

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