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Jamai Raja 20th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja watch online

The Episode starts with Raj coming to DD’s house with Inspector. Inspector tells Shabnam that he got info that they are doing bad with DD. Shabnam says we are from respected family and these Khurana’s want to ruin our respect. She says you can’t search the house without any warrant. DD is seen with her hands and mouth tied and tries to shout, but couldn’t. Shabnam tells that Roshni and DD are out of town, and says Roshni prefers to stay outdoor since her divorce with Sid. The constable goes inside and check, but couldn’t find DD. Inspector asks for water. Shagun gives him water. Raj tells Inspector that they are fraud and have kidnapped DD. Inspector says he can’t do anything. Shabnam and Shagun keep DD in a big bag and ties it. Shabnam tells that she is going to meet Kunal and says we have to win. She says Jyoti and Sid are roaming alone. Just then Kesar comes and keeps knife on her neck. He asks her to free DD. Shabnam gets tensed. Roshni asks God to do something and save her. Kunal says I am your real husband. Roshni says you are afraid that Sid will come and save me. Kunal gets angry. Kesar asks Shabnam to free DD and tells DD not to worry. Shabnam signs Premal. Premal over powers Kesar and holds him. Shabnam asks him to tie Kesar as well, and says she is going to meet Kunal.

Kunal sees Roshni dropping her thing and throws it in air, and says he will make Sid roam at different places. They bring her to under construction building. Kesar is tied on to the chair and asks them to free him else he will do potty. Premal falls down. Bansi threatens Kesar.

Kunal asks his goons to pick the sticks and make a havan. He asks Pandit ji to start reciting the mantras. Kunal looks at Roshni. Roshni picks the fire wood and warns Kunal. Bansi says she will cut their tongue. Just then Simran and Krutika comes there. Roshni runs from there while the goons follow her. Roshni falls down. Kunal catches Roshni and asks her to stop her acting else he will kill her. He asks her to forget Sid. Premal asks Simran and Krutika to leave, but they refuse. Kunal asks Pandit ji to do the marriage within 10 mins. Sid gets Roshni’s stuff and thinks it is of Roshni. He sees a light falling on him from Roshni’s jewellery. Kunal asks Pandit ji if the marriage is done. Pandit ji says no, one phera is remaining. Sid runs towards the building. Kunal tries to fill sindoor in her maang while she resits and doesn’t let him to fill her maang. Sid throws a stick on Kunal’s hand to stop him.

Simran and Krutika tie them. Raj brings Inspector again. DD tells Inspector that they have kidnapped her and Bansi’s grand son have kidnapped my daughter and taken her somewhere. Bansi says my Kunal have taken your daughter with him far, and says nobody can save him now. DD slaps her. The goons run towards Sid and surround him. Sid beats them and goes near Kunal. Kunal pushes Roshni and fights with Sid. Sid beats him and he falls on ground. Roshni hugs Sid. Sid says there is only one name written on Roshni’s life, and fills her maang with sindoor. Kunal gets up.

Kunal and his goons run after Sid and Roshni. Roshni falls down. Kunal comes and catches her again. She asks her to get up and sees her face. He is shocked to see someone else.

Written Update By H Hasan


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