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Jamai Raja 1st July 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode begins with DD sending Kesar to find the ring. Afterwards DD arrives and sees Jigna in her area. She asks what she’s executing there. Kesar brings the ring. Roshni says she will never get interact devoid of her papa. DD claims your papa may very well be caught someplace. Shiv is over the bicycle and rushing in the direction of the house, whilst the goons comply with him. Sid asks Pandit ji to do Misha and Neil’s engagement initially, and claims Roshni And that i will get engaged afterwards. Pandit ji claims ok. Misha stands intently with Sid. Neil’s mum asks her to avoid Sid, and tells that she is getting engage to her son Neil. Misha says Sid is her best friend and will stand with her. Neil’s mum explains to her. Misha receives angry and breaks vase on her head. She tells Neil to get interact to her and says she taught a lesson to his mum. Neil reminds her that she’s his mum. He tells Sid that Misha is mad Woman. Sid states he is aware and asks him to know. Neil’s mum claims Misha will eliminate her surely if he marries her.

Roshni reminds Neil that he enjoys Misha. Neil claims I love my mum also. Raj says Misha is on your own in this planet, and when you permit her then where by she’s going to go. Neil says he is not a major hearted and can’t see his mum being sick taken care of by Misha. Neil holds Sid chargeable for Misha’s situation. He says I had been praying that Misha receives perfectly, but she didn’t get very well and that’s on account of you. Sid feels guilty. Neil’s mum asks Raj to get Sid married to Misha instead. Roshni asks Neil not to do this. Neil claims I’m done with it, and announces that he’s breaking the engagement. Misha smirks. Neil and his mum leaves.

Shiv thinks he has to reach house, and he can’t Permit mad female Misha to damage his daughter’s life. Misha will get hysterical and suggests my engagement didn’t occur. Sid asks her to tranquil down and calls for doctor. Roshni recalls Neil’s terms and normally takes Sid with her to place. Sid asks Roshni, do you think you’re out of your respective thoughts? Roshni says we don’t have another way out. Can the thing is your ally such as this. She’s sad. Sid says he don’t have time for All of this, and asks who do you think I’m. Roshni tells him that their enjoy and relation is unique. She says you won’t overlook that day. She states we have been helpless that working day, although not currently. You are going to experience undesirable to view Misha in asylum. We really have to sacrifice for Misha. Sid breaks the things and hugs Roshni inquiring what did she request. Roshni gives her promise to Sid and asks him to marry Misha. They listen to anyone shouting for Misha and hurry out.

Misha is standing on the terrace wall, and threatens to jump. All people inquire her to get down. Sid asks Misha to hear him. Misha acts madly and cries declaring she is going to die. Sid asks Misha to hear him. Roshni asks Sid to comply with her sayings. Sid asks Misha to have down. Misha threatens to jump. Every person will get tensed. Sid tells All people enjoys you very much. I will search for an improved male for you. Misha emotionally blackmails him and claims bye Sid. Beeji asks her not to leap. Misha closes her eyes and waits for Sid to halt her. Roshni asks Sid to tell Misha. Sid tells Misha that he will marry her. Everyone seems to be shocked. Misha smiles as her strategy succeeds and calm down.

DD asks everyone to go as there is absolutely no engagement occurring right here. Roshni states engagement will happen and holds Sid’s hand. .

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