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Jamai Raja 1st April 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Yash telling DD that he used to love Roshni very much, but you didn’t let me marry her, and asks why did you get Roshni married to Sid. He sings marry had a little lamb. He says you have made my life ruined and got me married to Sam, who made my life hell. He asks why did you get that witch marry me, as Sid suggested. He says Sid have taken care of his and asks why did you put that garbage bin on my head. Sam asks Sid, why did you get me married to Yash. Sid asks her to shut up and reminds her of her suicide attempt. He says you have an attitude problem and can’t make your life better. He says you have made Yash as a bad criminal and asks her to shut her bl**dy mouth. Sid says Yash would have talked to me and I would have pulled him out of the trouble. Yash tells DD that he tried to make everyone know that Sam have become troubled for him, but everyone asked me to do adjustments.

DD asks what you will get by doing this? Yash laughs and says he will get happiness. DD says why you are raising question on my decision, and says you have decided to marry and it was your decision. She says look at your face, you are looking like a wolf and I am happy that I didn’t let Roshni marry you, but Sid, atleast he tries to become my son and think of our betterment. She says once Sid comes here, he will end your jokergiri. Yash gets angry and throws match stick in her cage. He says I explained to you, but you didn’t understand, now you have to pay a big price, laughs madly.

Sid, Roshni and Simran come to the police station and file kidnapping case against Yash. Simran says how can Yash do this. Inspector gives Yash photo to Constable. DD calls if Yash is there and says I need to use washroom. She opens her hand. Sid gets teary eyes. He says she is my sasumon, and is a fighter. She will not accept defeat and will find a way anyhow. DD manages to open the lock of the door. She comes out and sees Yash standing. He asks her to get back in and says your intelligence will not work here. He shoots near her to scare her. DD gets in. Yash asks her not to do this again else he will shoot her. He laughs and tells her bye. DD feels helpless. Sam cries. Simran asks her not to cry. Roshni asks her not to cry. Sid gets Yash’s call. He asks her to take something which is placed in the lobby? Sid finds a phone there and picks it. Yash says you can’t tap this phone. He asks him to come to sunset point in the evening and not to inform Police, else DD will die. Sid shouts Yash….Yash…Roshni tells Sid that she will also come with him. Sid says no, I will go and bring sasumom home. I won’t return without her and promises Roshni.

While going to sunset point, Sid recalls his moments with DD and her words that he is her son who had left her in his childhood. He reaches sunset point and calls sasumom…Yash. DD calls him in a low and weak tone. Sid turns back and sees DD hanging in air through a bulldozer and rope. DD asks Sid not to leave Roshni and support her. Sid says nothing will happen to you sasumom. He runs towards the bulldozer. Yash holds the rope and says lets have fun. He frees the rope tied to the bulldozer. Sid runs to hold the rope and shouts sasumom.

Sid sees DD falling down the cliff and holds the rope. Yash says what a thing….Jamai Raja have managed to pulled DD up. He hits Sid and asks if he is enjoying. Sid begs Yash to leave sasumon and says she is my maa. Yash says Sid is begging infront of me, and laughs. Sid says if anything happens to my sasumaa then I will kill you. Yash slaps Sid repeatedly. Sid manages to hold the rope again. Yash says lets play with fire and lights the rope on fire asking Sid to save DD now. DD is shocked to see Yash burning the rope and laughing. Sid is shell shocked seeing rope breaking and DD falling down in the cliff. He shouts sasumom.

Roshni comes there and asks Sid where is my mom and reminds of his promise. Sid cries miserably. Yash laughs.

Written Update by H Hasan

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