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Jamai Raja 17th November 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Roshni giving money offer to Raghu. She thinks Raghi is greedy for money unlike Sid. Raghu agrees and says 5 Lakhs and 860 Rs. Roshni agrees and says no one should know this, then this deal will be cancelled. Raghu says I have seen this in films and says he never hides anything from his mum. Roshni asks him not to tell anyone. Raghu agrees and accepts the deal. They shake hands. Raghu asks Roshni to have sweets and asks her to have candy floss. Roshni recalls Sid asking her to have sweets and is stunned. She looks at him and goes. Roshni thinks why Sid, you are playing games with me.She thinks how to stay with Raghu?

Raghu’s mum comes to him and asks if he is not hungry. Raghu says he is very much hungry. Raghu’s mum asks why did he agree to do wrong work for a girl, and asks him to go after her death. Raghu is shocked. Roshni thinks she has to consider Raghu as Sid. Raghu comes and knocks on her car’s door. He tells her that his mum came to know about their deal, and now he can’t do anything. Roshni says but you have promised me. He asks her to convince his mum then only he can work for her, He says time up, signal is open….and leaves. Roshni is shocked. She comes to DD. DD asks her to convince Raghu’s mum and says we have to do it to give justice to Sid. She asks her to track their weakness and says I will guide you. Roshni says I will convince her. A lady saves Roshni from getting her foot injured by nail. Roshni and DD thank her. Mona brings soup and keeps on table. It falls on the ground. Mona turns and is surprised.

Roshni comes to Raghu and asks what is his mum’s dream. Raghu says his mum feels bad for him as he works day and night in the work shop. He says his mum wishes for a AC car with all the luxuries. He sees her gone. Raghu brings brand new AC car. His mum gets happy and asks from where did he get money? Roshni comes and tells that she gave him car. Raghu’s mum smile vanishes. Raghi tries to convince her. She gets angry and breaks the car mirror. She says you will not ask my Raghu to do wrong work for money. She asks her to be away from Raghu and takes him with her. Raghu looks at Roshni.

Raghu’s employer kicks him out of job and asks him not to show ego to him. Roshni comes and asks him to look there. He shows new garage. Roshni says it is your own garage, and says you have seen this dream. She says she is Siddharth Khurana’s wife and asks him to agree. Raghu asks for 360 Rs. Roshni asks if you are mad, can’t you see my helplessness. Raghu refuses to help her and says nobody talked to me like this. He asks her to find another lookalikes of Sid. Roshni apologizes to him. Raghu says everything depends on trust. Roshni thinks of telling Sid that she trusts him. Raghu says they can’t do partnership and tells her bye.

Servant informs Roshni that Raghu came to meet her. Roshni wonders if Shabnam sees him. Shabnam sees him and tries to look at his face.

Written Update By H Hasan


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