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Jamai Raja 16th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with DD getting angry on Roshni. Roshni says I can’t explain you, but one thing is clear that I won’t marry Amol. DD says she is blinded by Sid’s love. Roshni thinks nobody can make her separate from Sid. Amol meets Yash in jail and says it is dangerous plan. Do you think it will work? Yash gets angry on him and holds his head angrily, asking him not to doubt on his calibre. He reminds do you know what I have done for you and your family? Amol nods. Yash smiles. Simran tells Roshni that they should tell the truth to DD. Raj says Sid told that DD is gaining memory slowly and it will be dangerous if we tell the truth to DD. Sid asks Raj to take Simran and Beeji from there. Sid asks Roshni to have faith. Roshni says we are always hopeful and nothing gets fine. She says I want to hug you and sleep. Whenever you are around me, I feel secure. If mom do not get her memory back then she will forcibly get me married to Amol. Sid says nobody can separate me from you, and tells about a US doctor. He gets a call. Kesar asks DD to give a chance to Sid. DD scolds him and says I should have kicked you out of home and says she don’t need his suggestion.

Sid meets US doctor. He says DD can get her memory or not and tells about the experiment. He says success rate is 90 percent. He asks them to sign on the bond. Sid and Roshni agree and leaves. Amol comes out and threatens Doctor saying his daughter is safe with him. He asks him to increase DD’s medicinal dosage so that she don’t get her memory back. He asks them to take sign on some bond papers. Doctor agrees. Later Sid calls Roshni and tells that he read about the experiment online and the patient will be fine and success rate is high. Roshni agrees and says lets sign the papers.

Roshni and Sid meet. Sid tries to cheer her up and says Sasumom will be fine soon and will take his name first. Just then lamp is about to blown, but they hold it. They come to meet doctor. Doctor asks them to sign on the bond. Sid signs on the papers without reading it. He senses someone’s presence, and asks doctor. Doctor says nobody is here. Sid gets up and goes to move the curtain, but there is no one there. Doctor asks Sid to sit and says there is nobody there. Roshni’s hand gets cut and doctor asks her to apply bandage. He changes the papers. Roshni tries to sign on the papers. Sid says she will sign some other day. Roshni says no as it will be delayed. They sign on the papers and leave. Amol looks on from the hideout.

Roshni comes home. Amol pulls her closer to him by holding her hand. Roshni gets angry and is about to slap him. Amol asks her to get used to see him as they will be marrying soon. Roshni asks him to keep dreaming. Amol shows their marriage card. Roshni tears the card and asks him not to take his mum’s illness advantage. She says Sid and I are husband and wife for births, and says you will never be able to separate us. Amol says you don’t know what storm is going to come in your life.

Yash laughs madly seeing the wedding card.He writes Yash instead of Amol on the card.Yash says Roshni…you are so innocent. He laughs and says you did a mistake thinking you are going to marry Amol, but he is just a pawn, and you have to marry me. He asks what did Roshni say? Amol says she said that nobody can separate her with Sid. Yash laughs and tells that divorce papers will separate them. He says your name will be joined by you.

Precap will be added later.

Written Update by H Hasan

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