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Jamai Raja 15th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ranjeet telling Mitul that he has taken revenge on Sid and got him beaten by Neil. Neil addresses to the press and tells about Roshni sincerity. He tells that he has decided that Ragini will not only be his life partner, but also his equal partner in mauve. Everyone claps. Neil says the people who are spreading rumours should know that Ragini has made my life beautiful and happening. He says it is not easy to break mauve, and challenge to attack them from front. Sid looks on. Neil thanks everyone. Mitul tells that Ragini has done black magic on Neil. Naina asks what happened? Mitul says Neil doesn’t think about Ranjeet and have made Ragini as his business partner. Neil comes and tells her that Ragini works for mauve as if it is her own company unlike some people, taunting at Ranjeet. Neil asks Ragini to sign on the papers and says he has board meeting tomorrow. Ragini says she don’t have those papers right now. Neil asks her to get it. Ragini calls Kesar and asks him to meet her in hotel. Mitul hears her.

Ragini tells kesar from where they will arrange the documents as everything is on Roshni’s name. Kesar asks her to give original documents and says he will see what to do? Mitul wears hotel staff’s dress and rings Ragini’s door bell. Ragini opens the door. Mitul says she came for sprinkle medicine for pest control. Ragini gives papers to Kesar. Mitul takes a paper which was fallen on ground and reads it. She says Roshni Patel, daughter of Durga Devi Patel. She comes to conclusion that she is not Ragini. Sid talks to Anya and tells that he will meet Roshni in the hotel. Simran hears him and cuts her hand to stop him from meeting Roshni. Sid takes her to hospital. Ragini calls Kesar and thanks him. Ranjeet and Mitul comes there. Ranjeet apologizes to Ragini. Ragini says it is okay and says I have to go. Mitul keeps the paper in Roshni’s file and asks her to go to meeting.

Ragini gives the papers to Neil. Neil reads it. Mitul says bomb will explode now and we have won. Neil asks Ragini to come there and asks what is this? Roshni says sorry as she sees the joker’s sketch. Roshni takes that papers. Mitul says I have kept it with my hand. Ranjeet says where did it go then? Neil announces that Ragini Desai is his new partner. Everyone claps. Sid couldn’t take it and goes. Neil smiles. Mitul thinks someone is helping Ragini. Ranjeet says may be Sid khurana, and says he will find out about Roshni, says Neil will repent much.

Ragini tells Neil that I hope that you don’t repent for this in future. Neil says I would have done this before and says I trust you for your capabilities. Neil asks if she has any objection to be his life partner. Roshni says not at all. Neil says I have one more surprise for you. Roshni says she needs to call Kesar. Neil says call him later and takes her to show the surprise. Anya asks Sid if everything is fine. Sid says he wants to talk to Roshni. Anya asks him to give her some time and space. Sid asks what you are telling? You know everything. He says I am going. Anya says I will come. Simran tells Roshni that Anya and Sid went to book banquet hall and smirks. Anya pretends to faint. Sid asks her to come with him. Roshni sees Sid taking anya with him in the lift and is shattered. She thinks if Sid’s mum said truth. She thinks I was going to hurt Neil for Sid who has moved on. Simran smirs seeing Roshni shattered.

Sid tells Simran that she is still playing same game, and says I will tell Roshni everything. Simran asks him to tell Naina that he will not marry her, and says then she will die.

Written Update by H Hasan

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