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Jamai Raja 15th December 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raghu telling Shabnam that they will go on a date and asks her to get ready. Shabnam gets happy and goes to get ready. DD asks Roshni to come with her and tells her that Sid is alive and will return. She asks about the marks and says she knows being her mum. She asks her to be away from Raghu. Roshni says she cares for her husband and says she needs to take bath and goes hurriedly. DD asks her to hide her marks. DD says Sid is my only Jamai. Raghu in Sid’s attire hears her and thinks DD will curse him if he comes infront of her. Shabnam gets ready. Sundari asks if she forgot about wearing half clothes and asks her to rub her lipstick. She asks her to change her clothes, rub lipstick and come to temple along with her, and give darshan to God before her mehendi ceremony. Shabnam is angry.

Shabnam comes to the restaurant to meet Raghu in a saree. She tells him that she went with his mum to the temple. She asks him to speak to his mum and asks her to give liberty to her. Raghu agrees with her and says he will talk to her. Shabnam thinks Raghu is so good for her. He says I will go and have water, asking her to order food. Raghu says I will come within 5 mins. Shabnam orders food. Waiter brings wine. Shabnam says I didn’t order this. Waiter says that sir ordered this. Shabnam looks at Raghu ( from backside) who is standing outside the washroom. She then is shocked to see Sid….who has ordered the drink. Pinto comes to Roshni. Roshni hopes all plan is well. Shabnam follows Sid. A biker comes infront of Shabnam and Sid gets a chance to hide.

DD tells Krutika that she needs her help in finding Sid, and says Raghu is trying to woo Roshni. Simran hears her and thinks Sid is very close to expose Shabnam and DD might get into trouble. She acts to get strict and asks DD not to scratch her wounds. DD says I have seen him with my own eyes. Simran asks her to go. DD goes. Simran tells she is happy as DD is caring for Sid. She says Sid will bring out everyone’s over acting.

Shabnam comes to the place. Sid asks him to stay there itself. Shabnam asks him to come out and says you might be scared as I shot you the previous time. Sid says I don’t get scared of you as I have come defeating the death. He says you have my lookalike Raghu and says he will come soon infront of her. He asks her to look at the gift which he kept……with a message. Shabnam picks the bullets and reads that the bullets are for her. Sid says it is the same bullets which you shot at me. I brought it for you to take you to the right place. Shabnam asks what do you want? Sid asks him to tell the truth infront of everyone and law, within three days before her marriage with Raghu. He says my eyes will be on you, and says Siddharth Khurana’s game begins now. Shabnam gets shocked and scared.

Sid meets Roshni later and tells her that he is tried of playing double lives. He hopes that Shabnam accepts her crimes. Roshni says you have done a good acting. Sid gets closer to her…..Roshni says it is a public place. Sid lifts her in his arms….Pinto clicks their photo. They hear and see Pinto clicking. Pinto says I clicked my favorite couple. Sid asks Roshni who is more cool. Sid or Raghu. Roshni says obviously Raghu…….DD points at Sundari’s upbringing and says your son is hanging out with two girls. Sundari argues with her.

DD pushes Sundari. Shabnam reminds her that it is her house. DD throws the thing and asks her to clean it. Shabnam asks what is going on? Sundari asks her to go and meet Raghu in room. Shabnam thinks everything is falling off from her hand. She apologizes to him. Raghu says you went away from the restaurant, and asks if she really want to marry him and not to make him fool. Shabnam asks for forgiveness….Sid sees his eyes and thinks he didn’t wear lense in his one eye, and asks her to go. Shabnam says just one sec Raghu…….

Shabnam thinks to clear the confusion between Sid and Raghu. She gets a watch and thanks Raghu. Raghu says I don’t have nothing to give. Shabnam is shocked to open the watch box.

Written Update By H Hasan


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