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Jamai Raja 15th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja watch online

The Episode starts with Sid thinking about his moments with Roshni. A song plays while he reminiscenes the past. He calls Abhi mistakenly and tells about his life problems. Abhi tells him that we should not accept defeat and have strength dealing with the problems. He says everything will be fine and asks him not to lose hope. Sid says thanks for the concern and disconnects the call. Jyoti Tai comes home and calls Roshni. Kunal stops her and warns her not to get inside Roshni’s room. Shabnam says your game is over and kicks Jyoti out of house. Roshni asks them to leave Tai and cries. Kunal takes Roshni inside. Shabnam warns Jyoti that if she comes near the house then she will get her buried in the house. Jyoti Tai says you are our family and I did what Roshni asked me to do. Premal melts and supports her. Neighbors come and scolds them for ruining their sleep. Bansi lets Jyoti inside, but warns her not to talk to Sid. Jyoti Tai nods her head. Shabnam goes angrily. Premal asks Jyoti not to take tension and says I am with you. Sid thinks he has to do sinething in the night itself.

Shabnam comes to Roshni’s room and thinks Roshni is missing her lover, so she will give her double dose so that she forgets Sid. Something gets pierced on her foot and she goes to wash blood coming out of it. Sid as Jyoti comes to room and takes the syringe bottle. He thinks to defeat Shabnam. While shabnam is busy cleaning blood from her foot, Sid comes to her room and changes the medicine bottles. Shabnam comes to her room and sees the cupboard open. He checks the medicine bottles, and goes to give injection to Roshni. He comes to Roshni’s room and gives her injection. Later Jyoti comes to room and thinks the injection is having glucose content.

In the morning, Roshni calls Jyoti Tai and tells that her body is itching. Jyoti Tai blames Shabnam and says you did something to Roshni. Shabnam accuses Jyoti. Bansi asks Jyoti to massage turmeric on Roshni’s body after bath. Kunal takes Shabnam to her room and scolds her for giving injections to Roshni. He says Roshni is his life and if anything happens to her then she will not leave her. He says there is 2 days left for marriage and asks her not to play with Shabnam. Shabnam argues. Kunal says Jyoti can go against us, but she can’t do anything bad to Roshni. Jyoti thinks of keeping itching medicine in Shabnam’s cupboard, and thinks Shabnam will do something, but I have to get ready.

Bansi gives haldi to Shabnam and asks her to apply on Roshni. Shabnam thinks she has given many injections to Roshni, and her memory will never be back. Jyoti thinks Roshni’s memory will be back. Premal comes and puts haldi on her face. Jyoti says it doesn’t look good in this age.

Roshni thinks something is not right as her heart is saying. Sid thinks he will make everything fine and will apply haldi of his name. Shabnam comes to her and says she will apply haldi first, and her rashes will be fine. Jyoti makes Premal falls and the haldi falls on Roshni’s clothes. Jyoti asks Roshni to go to washroom and clean the clothes. Sid comes to there and applies haldi on her face while rubbing with his face. Mere Rubaru plays…………..Sid says you was missing me and that’s why I came. Roshni feels his love. Fittor Tera song plays……..while they get romantic. Just then they hear Bansi calling Roshni. Roshni looks at him and goes. Kunal sees Roshni smiling and going. He wonders what is happening? Sid thinks this is love of colors and I have to clear the troubles.

Shabnam happens to see Jyoti wearing wig. Jyoti tries to divert her attention.

Written Update By H Hasan


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