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Jamai Raja 14th September 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts off with Nani recalling Roshni questioning her, why she didn’t deal with Ayesha, and cries. Sid comes and suggests Pushpa I despise tears. Nani asks do you need nearly anything. Sid claims I was searching for anything, but couldn’t uncover. He holds confront and says your smile is misplaced someplace. Nani smiles. She suggests I don’t understand how I did a miscalculation. Sid states you are aware of your grand daughter perfectly, and I am bearing her. Nani states my grand daughter is not such as this. Sid says you already know her well then why that you are receiving upset. Nani suggests she went out for DD’s do the job. Sid suggests it is all right, Anyone of us do blunders. Ayesha is okay, and what else do we need. He asks her to help make sweets. Nani goes to generate gajar ka halwa. Roshni will get Prepared and tells Sid that she didn’t know if she need to seriously select him. Sid states Mother and father is not really in this article, so we should go. Ayesha arrives and hugs Roshni, asking her to produce her Completely ready. Roshni does her make up and make her dress in bangles. Sid suggests my Ayesha happens to be Charming Female. Roshni tells Ayesha that they’re going out and asks her to remain at your house. Ayesha states she will stay just like a good girl. Nani will come and states Ayesha will have foodstuff and rest similar to a very good girl. Ayesha claims Indeed. Roshni apologizes to Nani. Nani asks why she is apologizing? She asks them to go.

Nani Maasi seems at Ayesha and thinks she’s portray just after troubling us. She thinks to problems her and ruins her portray with her leg. Ayesha asks why you may have ruined my portray? Nani Maasi states I’ll slap you and raise hand. Nani arrives and holds her hand. Nani Maasi asks how dare you to hold my hand for Road little one. Nani asks you will be raising hand on a little Woman. DD asks Nani, why she is not instructing her manners. She states you will be arguing with us and getting her aspect. She asks Ayesha to go and rest. Ayesha goes. DD claims a little something will come about to help make Ayesha depart the home. Ayesha retains toy box in Nani Maasi’s place and claims It will probably be entertaining now. DD seems as she leaves and opens the toy box. She gets an strategy and looks on.

Each morning Every person sit for breakfast. Nani Maasi shouts and cries. Ayesha says Indeed and will get joyful. Sid asks why that you are receiving satisfied. Nani Maasi comes out and says her hand is bleeding. DD asks how did this materialize? Nani Maasi tells that she opened a box and get her hand injured With all the knife retained In the box. Ayesha states she didn’t continue to keep knife within the box. DD tells Roshni and Sid to deal with their upbringing after a lot of thinking. Ayesha suggests she just stored joker in it and possess not done this. Sid claims she might be right. DD asks them to offer her punishment, else they can’t be great dad and mom. She claims this girl arrived from Road, but You should groom her to ensure that she can remain in our society. Ayesha states NM can be a liar. DD says how dare you? Roshni says Nani Maasi is elder than you. I will slap you and asks her to shut up. Just then adoption centre Females appear there. The woman stops Roshni and says It’s not at all noticed that you will be gonna adopt the child. She says We now have completed each of the formalities, but now must think again.

Sid tells the Ladies they really like Ayesha, but want to teach self-discipline to the Woman. She claims we really need to make the child understand correct and wrong. The lady states sadly this girl just isn’t yours. Look at the Woman, she is so frightened. Nani claims there’s nothing therefore. She usually takes Ayesha within. The lady states you didn’t suit you our adoption paramters. They leave. Roshni hugs Sid and cries. Sid assures that all the things is going to be fantastic.

Ayesha relates to Roshni and tells her that she kept joker during the box. Roshni asks him to inform the truth and swears never to scold her. Sid calls Ayesha and demonstrates kitchen set which he brought for her. Ayesha will get happy. Sid asks him to create tea for him and convey water. Ayesha goes. Sid asks Roshni, why she is getting upset? Roshni says you should not pamper Ayesha Considerably, and says DD scolded her greatly. She claims she received hurt and was educating her ideal and Completely wrong. Sid asks her to get persistence and states she is A child.

Nani Maasi shows DD’s expensive ring on Ayesha’s toy. Ayesha refuses to take DD’s earring for her doll. DD asks Roshni, if she really wants to adopt the girl. Ayesha is shocked.

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