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Jamai Raja 14th October 2015 Written Update

Krutika is at the bus station. Someone keeps hand on her shoulder. She thinks Simran has come and says Maa. She turns and sees Sam standing. Sam asks if she is eloping? Krutika says I am leaving and go away from your life. Sam pulls her hairs and says this is not according to my plan. Someone asks her why she is doing this with her. Sam asks him to mind his work. Sam threatens her to marry Bunty and forcibly makes her sit in the car’s decky. Everyone look on shocking. Simran and Beeji reach there. Sam sees Simran and Beeji reaching there. Simran hears Krutika’s voice, but then ignores her doubts. Sam hides her face and her car leaves. Simran and Beeji reach at the bus stand, and calls conductor. Simran shows the photo to conductor. Beeji asks the same man, if he has seen this girl. The man tells her that a girl took her forcibly from here. Beeji understands that she is Sam and asks Simran to come.

Sid comes to Yuvi and tells that he forgot taveez. Yuvi says I was saved because of this taveez. Sid says it is all God’s doings, and says I will meet you later.

Nani worries for Roshni and asks Kesar if he got to know about her. Kesar says Sid is checking the footage in the office. Shabnam hears him and says she will take food for jiju. She says I will take Ayesha with me. Nani praises her for taking care of family. Mona doubts Sam. Nani says I will talk to Durga about you. Shabnam smiles and nods. Mona tells her that Shabnam’s behavior is not right. She says everyone is worried about Roshni, but her behavior is different.

Beeji and Simran come to Sam and asks about Krutika. Beeji holds her by her hairs and asks about Krutika. Sam says she doesn’t know. Simran checks in the room. Sam says she doesn’t know about her. Simran says we know that it is your doings. Sam refuses. Beeji asks her to call Raj and says Police will enquire with her. Sam says if you don’t get out within 2 mins, then I will call the Police. Beeji and Simran leave from there. Sam calls Bua Dadi and thanks her for informing about Simran and Beeji. She says she kept Krutika in Bunty’s house.

Sid tells Shabnam that this is basic understanding and asks why is she looking different. Shabnam says Ayesha was reluctant to come, so she brought her. She asks him to have food. Sid says I am not hungry and asks her to stop pestering him. He then apologizes to her and says he can’t concentrate on anything. He asks Ayesha to go from there. He says he will eat after sometime and asks Shabnam to leave. The man tells Sid that he has collected all the footage. Sid asks him to show. Shabnam gets scared seeing her back in the room. She prays to God to help her save. Sid stares the footage, and asks him to pause the footage. Just then fire alarm plays. Guards come and asks them to come out as it is a matter of their safety. Sid locks the room and leaves. Shabnam comes and tries to open the door.

Sid arrives away from office and is informed that it was a Phony alarm and there was no fireplace from the Business. Sid realizes that footage is at risk and rushes into the place. He opens the door lock and sees the area all tousled. He suggests no and appears for that CD. He states each of the footage is gone. Shabnam walks toward the car Fortunately and gives doll to Ayesha. Sid will get cloth of Shabnam’s gown and states He’ll capture the responsible quickly. He involves medical center and sees Roshni unconscious nonetheless. He apologizes to her and asks for forgiveness. He suggests those people who has hurt you might be roaming freely. I will not likely leave him. DD states it truly is alright. Sid suggests I am seeking, but couldn’t get proofs. DD suggests you can’t be damaged and asks him to obtain strength. She claims I see appreciate within your eyes for Roshni and you may do anything for her. She says you will be helpless and frustated, asks him to relaxation for sometime. Sid nods and arrives Within the ward. He kisses on Roshni’s forehead and retains his head on her head. He gets teary eyed and leaves.

Sid is sleeping with Ayesha while in the room. Shabnam arrives and puts oil on Sid’s toes. She starts massaging his feet. Sid wakes up and asks what she’s doing? He suggests I requested you to knock to the doorway ahead of coming into my space. Shabnam states I came to your room using a imagined to serve you. She says I didn’t know that you’ll get indignant and cries. Sid says it is actually my dilemma and I will remedy it. He asks her to go and snooze in her home. Sid seems at her when she’s leaving. She states I took your slumber these days, and will snatch your peace.

Shabnam presents injection to Roshni. Sid comes about to check out footage and remembers Shabnam tying the taveez on his hand. He receives shocked and appears on.

Written Update By Sahir


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