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Jamai Raja 14th December 2015 Written Update

Jamai Raja watch online

The Episode starts with DD thinking Roshni sees Sid in Raghu and she will not be surprised if she falls in love with him. Just then she comes downstairs. Roshni and Sid are romancing in room. Mere Rubaru plays………Shabnam also comes downstairs and wonders where is her Raghu….She sees DD and asks what she is doing in the room. DD says it is her house and asks her to mind her own business. They hear the sound. DD says it might be ghost. Shabnam runs to her room. Roshni and Sid come to the storeroom as Roshni’s mangalsutra is stuck in his clothes. DD sees the store room door open and closes the door. Roshni tells Sid that she likes Raghu and says Sid was a boring type. Sid calls her shameless teasingly and gets intimate. Mere Rubaru plays while Sid loves her….

Simran asks Bunty to sleep in room. Krutika asks him to sleep on bed. Bunty asks her to sleep on bed and says I will sleep on floor. He thinks Krutika is pregnant. Simran is happy and sings song. Raj sees her happy and asks reason for her happiness. Simran says she can’t tell now, and goes to make tea for him. Raj wonders why she is happy. Krutika thinks Simran came to know that her son is alive and asks him to wait for some time till things get back to normal.

DD yells at the servant and tells that Roshni is missing. Shabnam comes. DD asks her to tell where is Roshni and says you have done something to her. Shabnam says she didn’t do anything and asks her to leave her hand. She says she is searching for Raghu and doesn’t know where he went in the morning. Roshni hears them and tries to wake him up. Shabnam tells DD that Roshni might have eloped with Raghu as he is Sid’s lookalike. Nani says Roshni is not like her. Just then they hear some noise coming from storeroom.

Roshni tries to wake him up. Just then DD comes and sees Roshni on floor. Roshni tells her that she was stuck in the store room. DD sees marks on her neck and asks her. Roshni says there were many mosquitoes who bit her. DD asks her to come with her. Shabnam comes to the store room and wonders if Roshni was here, then where was Raghu………….Sid hears her and thinks he is of Roshni.

Shabnam comes to the restaurant. Waiter informs her that Sid has ordered something for her. Shabnam and Sid come face to face. Shabnam gets scared.

Written Update By H Hasan


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