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Jamai Raja 13th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja watch online

The Episode starts with Roshni and Ayesha are playing with a soft toy. Roshni falls off the balcony accidently. Kunal asks her to give her hand. Sid asks Roshni not to worry. He gets down the balcony and holds Roshni’s hand. Roshni holds him. They manage to climbed up the balcony. Roshni hugs Sid and cries in shock. Sid asks Kunal what you have done? Bansi tries to interfere. Sid asks her not to interfere between two man and slaps Kunal. He asks what you have done to harm Roshni and gets angry. He says you will not get Roshni even after 2000 years. He warns him and asks Bansi to make him understand. Sid gets a phone call and says he will get his car in the evening. Kunal hears it and says you have done a big mistake. You have snatched chance for me to save Roshni. He says I will rescue Roshni and you will trap her. It would be fun. Raj asks Simran to give breakfast. Shaku comes. Simran asks her to come. She says I have thought enough, and cancelled the divorce. She says you are my younger sister now. Shaku gets happy and says I am glad to get you. A designer comes. Simran says she called him to get her clothes stitched on the occasion of Lohri. She says she has decided to get her rounds done. Raj gets tensed and thinks if I did wrong to tell her everything. Flower decorator comes. Simran says she called him to decorate the room for their suhaagraat. Shaku gets happy.

Raj asks Krutika what Simran is doing? Krutika asks Shaku, can she call her mum? Shaku says yes and hugs her. Krutika asks if she needs anything. Shaku says no. Sid asks Roshni to get Ayesha ready. Roshni asks him to get Ayesha ready and says she is going to Raj’s house. She says you both should be ready when I come home. Kunal says just see my drama now. Kunal compromises with Roshni’s car and says how you will save her…Sid. I will save her and she will come to know that I am her real love and husband. He sits on his bike and tries to start it, but the bike doesn’t start. Kunal checks his bike. Roshni thinks to buy something for Raj and Simran, just then she finds the car’s brake not working and gets shocked. She shouts the kids on the road to move, and drives panickly. She takes out phone from her purse, but it falls down. Ayesha says she wants a doll. Sid calls her and says she isn’t picking the call. I will ask her to bring doll when she calls back. Roshni calls Sid and asks him to come as her car’s brake have failed. Sid says I am coming? DD asks what happened? Sid informs her that Roshni’s car brake have failed. Bansi and Premal smile looking at each other. DD wonders what is happening? Roshni’s car turned down and Roshni gets trapped inside. She shouts for help.

The passerby’s stops there and calls fire brigade as the car will catch the fire. DD calls Sid and asks where is he? Sid says he is trying to locate Roshni’s location and asks her to cut the call. Bansi and Premal tell that it is Sid’s work and he is behind the accident. Bansi says he has stoop so low to win. DD hears them. Premal tells Bansi that Kunal will save Roshni and Sid’s game will end. Bansi acts and prays for Roshni’s life. Sid reaches there and also Kunal. They see the car blasting in fire. The people hold Sid to stop him from risking his life. Sid sees a woman rescuing Roshni. He is shocked to see Shabnam saving her.

Sid asks why did you come back in our live? Roshni blames Shabnam and says she must have tried to kill me. Kunal accuses Shabnam and says Bansi told him about her. Shabnam looks on.

Written Update By H Hasan



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