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Jamai Raja 13th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja watch online

The Episode starts with Jyoti Tai bringing Roshni somewhere and tells that Sid called you here. She says I will go and see where is he? Sid thinks how to bring Roshni memory back, and calls Kunj. Kunj says everything is sorted out. Sid says Roshni called me to meet her today. Kunj asks him to keep trying and says Roshni will remember everything soon. Sid says it is a big chance for him and doesn’t know how to make her remember everything. Kunj says it is a valentine day today and asks him to think what he had done last year. Sid gets an idea and says I will make Roshni get her memory. Kunal and Shabnam come on the bike to that place. They see Jyoti Tai going somewhere and wonder what she is doing here. They follow Jyoti Tai. She goes inside the room.

Kunal says Jyoti is talking to someone. He says we have to peep inside the room. Shabnam asks him to bend down, and stands on his back. She hears Bunty and Pinto talking about Sid and Jyoti. Kunal says he is in pain and stands up. He scolds Shabnam for standing on his back with heels sandals. Roshni thiks why did Tai left me alone, and where is Sid? Kunal hears Roshni’s voice, and informs Shabnam.

Sid comes to Roshni and sings Rang De Tu Mohe Gerua……………song. They spend some romantic moments. Roshni looks at Sid. Sid asks her to look at stars and says one year back there was same moment. She tries to make her remember her memory and asks her to try. Roshni says I couldn’t remember anything even after seeing the decorations. Sid asks her to see through her heart, and tells you are my love. Roshni says if I am your love, then why my husband is Kunal. Sid asks her to close eyes and see. Roshni sees Sid and tells him. Sid says good, excellent and asks her to try again. Roshni closes her eyes. Sid asks her to try again. Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu plays……………

Roshni closes her eyes and recalls the moments spent with Sid. She sees her marriage with Sid, and opens her eyes calling Siddharth. She holds him. A song plays……..Shabnam and Kunal comes there. Kunal hits Sid on his head and he falls down. Shabnam administers injection to Roshni while she says she remembered Sid. Sid comes and slaps Shabnam and Kunal. He takes Roshni to hospital. He asks Roshni to open eyes. DD tells Sid that they have to kick her out. Shabnam asks Sid to see what she will do with Roshni. Kunal brings Police and tells him that Sid and DD have done bad with his wife. Shabnam tells that these people gave wrong medicine to Roshni. Doctor says a drug was given to her. Sid says Roshni is his wife.

Shabnam tells Inspector that this man tortures her sister. Inspector says everything will be clear once patient gets consciousness. Roshni gains consciousness. Inspector asks her to say who is her real family. Roshni says Kunal, Baa and Shabnam. DD tells Inspector to try to understand as Roshni is under the drug influence. Kunal tells Inspector to kick everyone out from here as he can’t see them troubling his wife. Inspector warns Sid and DD and asks them to come out. Shabnam asks Sid to leave.

Shabnam throws Jyoti Tai’s out of the house and warns her if she comes near the house also, then she will get her buried her alive.

Written Update By H Hasan


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