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Jamai Raja 12th March 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with DD asks Roshni if she came to know about Sid. Roshni says she called him, but his call is not getting connected. DD says he don’t want to come. Yash comes and asks DD to come. Ganpath tells that Sid went somewhere and confuses them. Resham says Sid might have reached the launch before us. Yash says may be he wanted to surprise us and went there. They reach the office. DD gets tensed and says Sid have mess up everything, and tells that the arrangements haven’t been done. Yash says he will take care of the arrangements and takes Kesar with him. Roshni tries calling Sid. Sid drops Ayesha at Pinto’s sister home and tells her that it is a game and if she plays it well then she will get a big gift at the end. Ayesha smiles. Pinto’s sister asks him not to worry about Ayesha. Ayesha says I will wait for mum and says I love you Papa. Sid comes out and tells that Ayesha will be save here. Roshni calls Sid and asks him to come to the press conference at the earliest, and says mum is angry. Sid promises to reach there before the event starts. Roshni informs DD that Sid will come before the event starts. Yash asks DD not to worry. Sid gets Pinto’s call. He tells Pinto that he left Ayesha with his sister. Pinto tells something and he is shocked. He rushes back to the house.

Pinto tells Sid that the woman was not her sister, and that woman came with two goons and tied my sister and kidnapped Ayesha. Sid thinks how can he be fool and handover his daughter to her. He recalls gifting a smart watch to Ayesha with a tracker, and tells Pinto that he can locate her location. Media persons bombard questions on DD and asks her to say where is Sid. DD asks them to excuse her and goes. Roshni says I will never forgive you Sid for this. Sid looks at his phone and says the tracker stopped here. He comes to the place and sees Shabnam tied on to the chair. Shabnam asks for help. Sid asks where is my daughter Ayesha, and says you have kidnapped her. I don’t know that you can harm your own sister. Shabnam says she is innocent and someone is taking advantage of their enmity. Sid asks her to stop it and asks where is his daughter?

Shabnam asks him not to come forward as bomb is attached at the back of chair. Sid is shocked. DD recalls the reporters questions asking her about Sid if he is so happy with her project. She gets teary eyes and wipes her tears. Roshni comes there and says I know you have invested lots of time and energy at the launch. She says something might have happen, and that’s why he didn’t come. She says Sid loves everyone very much and asks for a chance. DD says I knew that you will always take his side, it is your perception, but I can’t handle anymore. Don’t change to change my perception, I just need to be alone and goes.

Shabnam asks Sid to save her. Sid says I know that this bomb is fake, but I will save you. He removes the bomb and throws it far. The bomb explodes. Shabnam says why I will try to kill myself? Sid says I don’t believe you even now, and asks her to tell that where is Ayesha? Shabnam says I love my sister very much and says if you don’t believe me then kill me right here. She says everything is done by that joker. Yash consoles Roshni and asks her not to cry. Sam sees him consoling Roshni, while she hugs him cryingly. Sam gets angry. Sam says I will not forgive you. Shabnam says joker is after me since many days. She says Joker found me when I tried to elope. She says I haven’t done this, and if you don’t believe me then I will kill myself. She tries to jump from window, but Sid holds her. Shabnam hugs him. Sid says he will take her to safe place and says he can kill anyone for his family.

Sid brings Shabnam to Pinto’s house and tells him that Shabnam said that she doesn’t know anything about Ayesha. Shabnam’s phone rings. Pinto takes the phone and gives to Sid. Sid picks the video call. Joker tells Sid that he thought to play game with him and says Ayesha is with him. Shabnam says Ayesha. Sid is shocked. Joker laughs and says doll’s hairs are fine like of Ayesha. Sid asks him not to touch his daughter. Shabnam says the same. Sid asks him to come infront and fight, if he is real man. Joker says you will know soon who is real man? Shabnam shouts Ayesha as Joker scares them. Sid agrees to do everything and asks hm not to harm Ayesha.

A woman traps Raj Khurana and tries to get intimate with him on bed. Sid is seen recording their intimacy being helpless by the joker.

Written Update By H Hasan


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