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Jamai Raja 11th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sid saying that his name is Siddharth and he keeps his eyes on everyone. Mitul and Ranjeet get tensed. Roshni is cooking in kitchen and thinks she has to take care of Neil and focus on him so that he don’t get into darkness again. Naina comes there to get water from kitchen. Roshni tells her that she made bengali dish for Neil and asks her to try it. Naina looks at her angrily. Roshni looks on. Neil calls the servants and thinks where did they die? He comes to kitchen. Roshni says I made bengali dish for you and asks him to taste it. Neil lifts the kadai and throws it in the washbasin. Roshni is shocked. Neil throws the kadai/pan on the floor. Servant comes there hearing the noise. Neil scolds him and asks him to leave. Roshni is heart broken. She is sitting in the garden area. Sid comes there and says now you have learnt to cook. He brings the dish which Roshni made (don’t know from where) and asks her to taste tasty dish. He says we are not husband and wife, but we are friends atleast. He asks do you trust me? Roshni nods. Sid asks her to leave everything on him and says he will handle everything. He says I have promised Sasumom that I will keep you happy even if I die. He asks her to support her. Roshni says I will try. Sid makes her taste her own dish…

Mitul and Ranjeet are worried. Ranjeet says if we don’t get the signatures on these papers then lady gabbar will not leave us. Just then she gets a call from someone asking her to get the papers signed fast within 3 days. Mitul says yes. Sid comes there and asks with whom she is talking to. Mitul asks it is none of your business. Sid asks her not to do any conspiracy. Roshni asks Neil if he is coming with her to office. Neil asks her not to act and asks her to go and romance with her lover. Roshni says I want to talk to you about yesterday night. Neil says I couldn’t understand you and became a fool. He says get out from here. Roshni goes sadly. Sid asks what happen? Roshni says nothing can get better, asks him to go and leave her on her condition. Neil hugs a pic and cries….asking why did you do this with me. Sid thinks Neil is hugging Roshni’s pic and crying and thinks to find out about his problem. He calls Bunty.

Sid meets Bunty and a guy at a restaurant. Bunty says it is very risky. Sid says I have never done an easy work. This plan is dangerous, but this will work for Roshni and asks them to decide if they are with him. Bunty says yes, we are with you. Sid says he will bring Roshni. He comes home and sees Neil drinking. He thinks he has started now itself. He calls Roshni and says Neil has started drinking now itself. He asks her to call Neil and stop him from drinking. Roshni calls him repeatedly. Sid asks Bunty to get ready. Neil picks it finally. Roshni says we can spend some time and shall go out for dinner. Just then real goons come there and kidnap Roshni. Roshni shouts. Neil hears her screams. Neil wonders what has happened with her. Bunty calls Sid and says they couldn’t find her. Bunty finds Roshni’s phone. Sid comes there. Bunty tells him that he found Roshni’s phone. Sid says we have to search the place and sees CCTV camera there. Neil leaves from the house and reaches office.

Sid asks Neil where is Roshni? Neil says he was talking to her when he heard her scream. Sid says we can sort our differences later, and now we have to search Roshni. He shows the CCTV cam. Roshni is seen at kidnappers’ place. Mitul and Ranjeet shows their faces as they are kidnappers.

Mitul takes Roshni’s thumb impression on the papers and calls someone. She says work is done and we are bringing papers in sometime. Sid and Neil come there calling Roshni.

Written Update by H Hasan

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