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Jamai Raja 11th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja watch online

The Episode starts with Shabnam giving injection to Roshni, but Jyoti Tai catches her red handed and asks what she is doing in her room. Shabnam says she came to take her injection kept in Roshni’s room, and says she is diabetic. DD says since when you are diabetic, and says she is lying. Sid/Jyoti Tai understands her plan and asks Shabnam to take the injection and not take any chance. Shabnam takes the injection and feels her head heavy. Shabnam feels the head heavy, but then stands up fine. She says you wanted me to behave like this, but sadly nothing happened to me. Jyoti says I know this is all acting. Shabnam takes out blood from the syringe and says she will settle the matter. Jyoti Tai brings bittergourd juice and says it is good for diabeties. She says she has learnt many things in life and says she thought to apologize to her, and brought bittergourd juice for her. Shabnam refuses to drink it. Jyoti Tai sees blood on her hand. Shabnam says she fell down in the bathroom. Jyoti looks at her and says your bad time has started. She asks her to drink it. Shabnam refuses. Jyoti Tai asks if she is not diabetic. Shabnam agrees to drink it. She drinks. Jyoti thinks he have to get keys from Shabnam and thinks to take DD’s help.

Pandit ji says lets start grah shanti puja. He recites some mantras. DD and Jyoti sign at each other. Shabnam starts itching her back as ants gets on her saree. Bansi asks what happened? DD says ants have got on her saree. Shabnam goes to her room.

Later Kunal tells Roshni that she will do garba with him. The dhol people come there. DD asks if she can remember something. Roshni says no. Sid comes as drummer. Everyone dance on the song Dhol Baaje Dhol. Suddenly Roshni’s blouse lace opens up. She goes to her room. He comes to her and ties the lace. He tells Roshni that he will kiss her, if she doesn’t stop. He is about to kiss her, but just then Shabnam comes and asks Sid to come closer to her. Sid holds her closely and says Roshni is just an excuse, and nobody can stand infront of her beauty. Shabnam smiles. Roshni gets upset. He steals keys from her and then pushes her saying he is not in a mood. Shabnam calls Kunal and asks him to catch Sid. Sid manages to take the lift and leave. Kunal asks his men to take the stairs and get down. Sid runs on the road. DD comes to Shabnam’s room and tries to get the medicine which is in Shabnam’s almari. Shabnam looks for her keys and rushes to her room. Shabnam sees her almari open and is shocked.

Jyoti Tai tells Kunal that he is unable to control Roshni and get Sid also. Bansi is about to beat Roshni, but she holds her stick.

Written Update By H Hasan


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