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Jamai Raja 10th July 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode commences with Sid looking to unmask the lady(Misha). Misha assaults him with knife and operates away. Roshni arrives and will get anxious looking at his hand bled. DD will come and scolds him for interfering of their subject. Sid tells that he managed for getting proof within the killer’s hand, Whilst she ran away. He tells that he is possessing earring now and may match it Along with the engagement pics. He asks them to come. Roshni tells DD that they have got to go to Sid’s dwelling. DD sees Krutika sitting down in the vehicle and leaving. She tells this to Roshni. Roshni says You may have mistaken. Yash arrives and asks for Roshni and DD. Kesar suggests DD’s phone isn’t Operating. Yash asks him to give her cell and leaves soon after asking Mona to connect with him Every time needed.

Raj calls the photopgrapher and says he has taken all the images. Misha appears to be like on shockingly. The photographer reveals the photographs on the visitor from the engagement get together. Misha appears on from significantly. Misha throws stone pebble on Krutika, and her pepsi can falls within the laptop computer, thus ruining the pictures. Sid shouts at her. Krutika says I’m your sister. She says she didn’t do anything intentionally. DD also scolds her. Simran asks her to apologize to DD. The photographer tells that he can get his laptop fixed and can get again to them. DD asks Roshni to feature her. Roshni suggests she will come in someday irking DD. DD will come household and tells Nani which they didn’t have the evidence, all thanks to Sid and his spouse and children. Nani asks her to take in anything. DD suggests she can’t eat something Unless of course she catches Shiv’s murderer.

Misha commences acting and pretends to cry. She claims you locked me while in the room and went. Sid claims he didn’t lock her up and came twice to examine on her, but she was sleeping. Misha hugs him and says she can’t Permit him go. Roshni attempts to clear wound on Misha’s feet. Misha kicks her with her ft. Sid suggests she was just cleansing your wound. Misha hugs him tightly and kisses him to produce Roshni truly feel jealous. She pulls hot iron wire and make the iron drop on Roshni’s hand. Sid attempts to see her wound, but Misha didn’t Enable him speak with Roshni and hugs him. Roshni leaves from there.

Sid concerns Roshni and exhibits his wounded hand. Roshni asks how did it take place? Sid suggests everytime you get damage, I will also get harm. Roshni claims you are engaged now and Misha can’t bear to see her fiance with another person. Sid says The actual fact won’t ever going to vary, and claims he will continue to be her husband only. He says he just obtained engaged to Misha. Shortly he can get her addressed and at the time she will get good, she can get us back collectively. He states I’ll marry the a person I am in love with. Roshni appears on emotionally.

Sid says I’ll marry you, and kisses her. Roshni will get psychological. She will get Nani’s contact informing her that DD is unwell. Roshni tells Sid that she must go. Sid tells sasumom are going to be concerned seeing your wound. Roshini leaves from there.

Roshni comes house and states you reported each morning that no one is going to be unfortunate and can don’t forget Papa with pleasure, however you received unfortunate. DD claims I don’t want you to satisfy that man. Roshni asks her never to change the issue and claims we will not likely try to eat in the event you don’t eat. Jigna says even she will never eat. DD laughs. Roshni reminds her that Shiv are going to be pleased seeing her pleased and check out to persuade her to consume. Yash relates to meet him and gives DD’s cellphone asking her to check the messages. DD checks messages and hears Shiv’s voice information informing her that Mad Woman will snatch Sid from Roshni and they have got to avoid wasting their daughter’s marriage.

The Law enforcement and DD seek to capture Misha, while she manages to hide from your look at.

Written Update By Sahir


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