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Jamai Raja 10th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja watch online

The Episode starts with Pandit ji saying this puja is complete, but there is a problem as this marriage can’t happen till Poornima. Bansi says there is much time for Poornima. Pandit ji says it is upto you to decide. Kunal gets angry and asks why some problems come inbetween his marriage. DD comes to Kunal and says she has accepted him as her Jamai in her heart. She asks him to protect Roshni from the ghost and promises to get him married to Roshni being her mum. Kunal says okay and says camel came under the mountain now. Sid and DD talk about their plan. Sid calls Simran and tells that the marriage is postponed. Shabnam looks at Jyoti Tai’s saree and thinks she has seen this saree with Simran. She concludes that they are together and says she won’t leave Jyoti Tai today.

Jyoti Tai gets out of home. Shabnam follows her and sees Jyoti Tai getting inside Khurana house. She says my doubt was right. She is with Khurana. I have to catch her red handed. She sees Sid’s servant coming out and asks her to do her work. The woman asks who is she? Shabnam smirks. She hears Simran and Sid’s conversation. Simran says she kept two sarees for Jyoti Tai. Bunty asks why she has kept ghunghat. Shabnam makes an excuse and gets inside. Premal is looking at Jyoti Tai’s photo secretly and sings song. Shagun comes and asks what he is looking at the panchaam. He falls down because of DD. Shagun picks the photo and says Premal was seeing the photo. Bansi asks what is this? And is about to slap him, but Premal holds her hand and says no one can take my life’s decision. He says I have decided to tell you this, and says I love Jamuna. DD smiles. Kunal says Bapu…Premal says I know, Jyoti Panduran Dattare Gaekwad.

Shabnam tries looking at Sid’s room. She sees Jyoti changing clothes and thinks she needs to find out. Simran comes and holds her. She asks what you are doing? Shabnam says I came to clean his room. Simran says you have cleaned it in the morning itself. Sid leaves as Jyoti. Shabnam comes home angrily and calls Jyoti angrily. She says Jyoti went to Sid’s house and asks her to tell. Premal asks her stop it. Jyoti says this family have insulted me. Kunal asks what do you think that this Tai will betray us. He says Tai told me everything that Sid tried to bribed her, but she didn’t listen. He plays the recording in which Sid tried to bribe her. Jyoti acts as innocent and cries. Shabnam says you are not listening to me Kunal. Kunal asks her to open eyes and says Sid is our enemy only. Jyoti says I want to meet Roshni. Kunal asks her to come.

Roshni sits for her mehendi. The mehendi designer applies mehendi on her hand. She writes S on her hand as told by Roshni. Shabnam sees her hand and looks on. Roshni imagines Sid there. He says you are waiting for me, and I came…..He sings Janam Dekhlo………….and dances with her. Roshni sees S on her hand and asks why did you make S on my hand. The designer says you asked me to write S. Roshni says not S, but K. Sid is happy. Shabnam thinks Roshni is regaining her memory and thinks to do something.

Shabnam is giving injection to Roshni, but Jyoti holds her hand and asks what she is doing? Shabnam gets tensed.

Written Update By H Hasan


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