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Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 9th March 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Raju sitting for puja. Garima says let Nandu come. Raju says this should not get late and asks pandit to start. Nandu comes with Sunny. Nandu sits with Raju. She asks pandit to start. Raju gets angry seeing them and calls off the puja. Nandu and everyone get shocked. Raju leaves from there.

Rashmi goes to Garima. Garima asks what happened to Raju. Rashmi says Nandu got Sunny by explaining here and all this. Indu asks Garima will puja happen or shall we leave. Sunny says puja will happen, I think Raju got upset seeing me, I will go, call Raju. Nandu says wait, Raju has no problem with you, we had an argument, he will be fine, don’t worry, Shekhar you like Rashmi right, you thought about marriage… Indu says yes, he likes Rashmi. Nandu asks Rashmi does she like Shekhar. Garima says I think she likes him. Rashmi smiles. Nandu says so its sorted, Shekhar and Rashmi will do this puja. Indu says not a bad idea. Rashmi says wait, this is like commitment for me, I want 5 mins time, its imp. Rashmi goes to talk to Raju. Raju gets sad.

Rashmi asks him to answer her, she is not asking him to come for puja. Raju holds his hand and says tell me what is it, you have right to ask, I love you a lot, you know it well. She asks what problem you have with Sunny, tell me once, why he dislikes Sunny. Raju recalls Sunny and Nandu. He says its not necessary that we like everyone. Rashmi says if you feel someone is bad and leave puja, then it will have some reason, I want to know it. Garima says Raju was becoming good and don’t know what happened to him. Nandu saks why are you taking stress, can’t good people get annoyed. Rajni says but stopping puja like this… Nandu says we always fight, don’t worry, its very normal. Garima asks Nandu to get Raju then. Nandu says no, I m also adamant, I m like Raju. She recalls Raju’s words.

Sunny asks Rajni does Nandu and Raju always fight. Rajni says Nandu says its their romance of married life. Indu laughs. Sunny says mom, we are going wrong, you should have not let me and Rashmi do puja. She asks him to have patience, and they have to attack on Raju without letting him know.

Rashmi gives last chance to Raju to speak out his feelings. She asks don’t you have anything to say. She leaves. Raju sits sad. Rashmi comes downstairs. Nandu asks Rashmi to come, they will start puja. She asks Sunny to sit. Indu asks Sunny to come. Sunny asks Indu why is she making him sit with Rashmi, when they have to target Raju. She makes him sit. Sunny thanks Rashmi. They do the puja together. Nandu smiles seeing their Jodi. She thinks I m getting this house depend on me, I won’t be able to leave them on Raju, but I can’t accept Raju as my husband. Raju and Nandu recall their argument and get sad.

Raju says I will be always same, its fine if anyone understands me, else its better. Nandu thinks when you are close to me, its tough to maintain distance with you. Indu thinks Nandu is worrying, I started such havan which will burn Raju and Nandu’s relation, none can see this, I have won in my first step. She smiles.

Raju comes downstairs and Indu thinks she will make Raju lonely that he will run from himself. Raju sits with Nandu in puja and apologizes to her. Indu and Sunny get shocked. Nandu looks at Raju. Bairi piya………….plays……….. Indu stares at him. Raju holds Nandu’s finger….

Sunny asks Raju does he have any complains. Raju says I had complains and problems before. Indu and Sunny talk and they get tensed seeing someone knocking the door.

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