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Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 3rd March 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Raju and Nandu having an eyelock. The garland falls over them. Ram siya ram…..plays……. Rajni and Anjali come there. Rajni takes their pics and says its very tough. Pandit says you know it, Ram has killed Ravan in lanka and got Sita back, this is power of love, not physical strength. Nandu asks Raju to put her down now. Raju drops her and removes garland. He says I don’t understand all this. Nandu taunts Raju. They both start arguing. Pandit does the puja.

Nandu recalls Raju’s words and gets sad. She goes from there. Raju comes and hugs Indu, thinking she is Garima. She says you are not Maa. Indu says yes. Raju and Nandu come and see Indu. Raju asks where is Maa, what happened to Maa. Garima comes and says I m here. Raju says you scared us. Garima says you got scared seeing Indu here. Indu says its not imp that bad happens where I m, even Garima got scared seeing me. Garima says yes, but after she said, I was shocked.

Rashmi comes and greets Indu. Raju asks what happened. Garima says Indu has asked Rashmi’s hand for her only son. They all get shocked. Indu says final decision will be Rashmi, Sunny is in London, I arranged video call so that Sunny and Rashmi can know each other. Raju asks Rashmi not to feel any pressure and decide.

Garima says after Nandu came here, happiness followed, she is lucky for us. Indu says yes, Nandu is lucky, and thinks till when.

Its night, Nandu rests to sleep and looks at Raju. She sees his hurt feet. She recalls the temple incident and goes to do the aid. Bairi piya………….plays……. Raju wakes up and sees her doing the aid. She talks to him and slips over him. They have an eyelock. He holds her face and tells her that he was acting of sleeping to see her concern. He pulls her close and flirts. She says I hate you, you feel I love you. He holds her close.

Nandu gets away and rests to sleep. Raju asks her to see eyes once, eyes is saying something else, eyes don’t lie, ask your eyes the truth. He turns to sleep. Nandu sees the mirror and looks at Raju.

Garima comes to Rashmi and says everyone has to go through this phase, I like Indu’s suggestion, Indu’s son will be good, meet him once, he won’t be bad. Rashmi asks Garima to be here with her. Garima asks her to talk. Rashmi talks to the guy Sunny. He asks can you see me. She says no. he says but I can see you. His pic gets clear. Rashmi sees him and smiles. She says I can see you now. He says I m not that good looking, like you are beautiful. She smiles. He says don’t make any conclusion about me, my friends call me handsome, don’t reject me now, my mom and I will feel bad.

Garima tells Indu that Rashmi and Sunny are talking like they know each other since ages, you will be proud of have bahu like Rashmi. Indu says she will be my daughter. Garima says I got Nandu as my daughter. Indu says Rashmi will be staying close in neighborhood. Garima gets glad.

Rajni tells Garima that Nandu’s childhood pics are not here. Garima thinks Nandu’s pics are disappearing and appearing, whats happening. Indu sees Nandu’s pics and says shayari. She smiles. She then sees Nandu’s pic with her son’s pic. Sunny and Rashmi’s talk continues. Indu says no one knows that new storm is coming here. She laughs.

Voice over: Indu has asked Rashmi’s hand for her son Shekhar/Sunny. What is her motive?

Written Update By Amena


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