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Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 24th February 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Nandu saying I will find Raju. She asks Mishra to manage audience. She thinks what is Raju upto. She hears a bomb beeping and gets shocked seeing it. Raval takes the bomb remote from Raju and says this is Kalyug Raju, good dies infront of bad, evil wins here, model town will blast. He turns and sees Rambhateri aiming gun at him. Nandu says how did this bomb come here, did Raju.. she takes the bomb and looks at everyone.

Rambhateri asks Raval to give the remote to him. She says you can’t win till I m alive. She takes the remote from him and sees Raju. Raju throws the gun from her hand. Raju gets up and holds Raval angrily. He asks Rambhateri to run. She runs away. Raju gets angry and holds Raval’s neck. The goons come and beat Raju badly. Raju does not leave Raval. The goons hit on his head with the rod. Raju falls down. The goons beat him more. Raval says keep him alive and runs. Nandu runs with the bomb and throws it far. Raval tries to catch Rambhateri. The remote falls down. Raval asks Rambhateri to try again. She gets hurt and says since I m alive, I will keep trying. He smiles and goes to take the remote. He does not see the bomb is also there. Rambhateri stays far. Nandu makes everyone leave from there. Raval takes the remote and looks around. He stands under the Raavan and says model town blast. Nandu makes everyone get away and talks to them. Raval presses the button. He gets shocked seeing the bomb there itself. He looks at the Raavan and blast occurs. Everyone get shocked.

The Raavan idol burns down and Raval too gets in that fire. Everyone run to see that. Rambhateri looks on. Nandu sees Rambhateri hurt and runs to her. She cries and says you gto hurt, its all because of Raju. Rambhateri says no, Raju is innocent, he was saving us and model town. Raju fights with the goons. Nandu says we will take you to hospital. Rambhateri says no Nandu, listen to me. Komal and Pratap try calling Raval. Raju comes there and sees the Raavan burning. Rambhateri says I got you and Raju married, listen. Raju hears that too. Raju and Nandu get shocked. Nani smiles. Raju and Nandu recall the marriage done in Ram leela. Rambhateri says mantras and sindoor were real, pandit was also real. Pandit says Rambhateri told me to do Raju and Nandu’s marriage by all rituals. Nandu looks on shocked. Raju can’t believe this and gets shaken.

Everyone look on shocked. Nandu asks Rambhateri why did she do this. Rambhateri says this was necessary for you both and model town, you two had to unite, promise me you will keep this relation. Nandu cries and says this can’t happen. Rambhateri says what you are finding wrong today, you will find this right one day.

Rambhateri is hurt, and says you both are my Siya Ram, will you keep this relation, tell me. Raju and Nandu hold her hand. Rambhateri gives Nandu’s hand in Raju’s hand. Everyone look on. Nandu cries and sees Raju. Bairi piya………….plays………….. Rambhateri closes eyes. Police comes and takes the goons. Ambulance comes to take Rambhateri. Nani asks Raju to go along, he is hurt too. Rambhateri says he won’t go with me, he has to go and save his mother and sisters. Nandu asks what do you mean.

Rambhateri says Raju saved model town, he has to save his family now. She asks Raju to go. Nani asks what happened to them. Nandu asks Raju to go and get them safe, I will take care of Rambhateri. Raju tells Rambhateri that I m going, I want you fine. He asks Nandu to make Rambhateri fine and cheers Rambhateri. He cries and gets emotional. He says Rambhateri entered our hearts, you did big favor, I will repay it. Rambhateri says you will repay favor of Maa. He holds her feet. She recalls Raghu and holds Raju’s face. She cries and holds him. Raju and Nandu take Rambhateri to ambulance. Nandu goes with Rambhateri. Raju faints. Pratap and everyone see him and rush.

They all take him to gym. Raju gets conscious and says Maa… he gets up and sees all of them. Nani says you were unconscious for half an hour. Raju cries and goes out. Chanchal says doctor is coming, wait. They all ask him to get treated first, if anything happens to him on the way. Nani ties chunni on his forehead and blesses that Ram will help him. Raju thinks I know Raval’s all secret places, any of his goons will know where is my family.

Raju beats the goons and asks about his family. The goons aim gun at Raju.

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