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Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 20th November 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raju seeing the torn tent cloth. He calls the man and tears his shirt, asking will he keep torn tent. The man asks shall I do, payment is less. Raju tells him that Gupta tent house items will come, and gives him money. Nandu hears this. Raju gives money for new shirt. Nandu throws stone on Raju and runs. The dance teacher looks at the things. Mishra comes and says he should have been in bollywood. Bittoo comes there. Mishra asks her to learn dance. Bittoo says she makes others dance, she won’t learn dance, she will final deal first. He says 1000rs for one hour. She says she will make him get 3000rs for one hour, and 500rs will be her commission. She says there will be dance competition between everyone, and calls her Dadi. He laughs.

Sangeet function starts. Nandu plays music with DJ. Rashmi comes there and Nandu welcomes everyone. Nandu says Bittoo’s Dadi will start the dance. Bittoo signs all the best. She plays meri desi look…….. Dadi dances. Everyone dance along. Nandu stops dancing seeing Kishore, Komal and Billu. A man announces that his sister Deepika is well trained dancer, he wants her to dance.

Deepika dances classical on the song Kajra mohabbat wala…………..Nandu dances with her. Deepika’s husband is chatting with his GF Mamta. The man says call her tomorrow at home. Nandu hugs Deepika. Mishra drinks with his friends. They all dance together. Rashmi says what a sangeet, dad and Raju are not here. Nandu I m worried, as if something bad will happen, my mehendi did not get color. Raju talks to the beggar. The man comes to call Raju for Rashmi’s sangeet. Raju takes wine bottle and throws it. He scolds him for stinking and asks him to leave. Nandu comes to call Raju.

She asks him to see mirror and tries convincing him for coming in sangeet. She says Rashmi is crying, her brother and father did not come. Raju asks did his dad die. Nandu says his dad wants Raju to come, he is drunkard, but has caught Raju to play piano. She asks Raju to play music in function. Raju says his dad ruined their life. Nandu asks him to come in sangeet, else she will inform aunty about Gupta tent items coming. He recalls she has thrown stone at him.

Raju comes in the sangeet and plays piano. Everyone get glad seeing him. His dad hears the piano tune. Raju smiles and Rashmi gets glad. Raju stops playing music. His dad comes there and plays the same tune. Raju recalls his dad teaching him playing piano in his childhood. Rashmi makes Raju wear a waistcoat and cries happily. He hugs her. Nandu looks at him. Raju teases her and asks did she hold his hand again. She says you have held my hand. He says I don’t have objection to dance with you for Rashmi’s happiness. He says when he danced with her in Anjali’s marriage, you were dying to marry me. She says you were dying to meet me, I will die before marrying you. He calls her a liar, and says I rejected you. He pushes her and she gets angry. They both dance on the song Second hand jawani……….. They challenge each other.

A man tells someone about model town celebrating happiness, they have put this Raavan fear get in their minds, they have to do something to spoil this marriage, its Raju’s sister’s marriage and laughs. He says Raavan also agreed. The beggar says Raavan will die when Ramvaan works.

Raju’s mum kicks out Raju and asks him not to come in Rashmi’s marriage. Raju leaves from model town and the man gets glad to easily create problems.

Written Update By Amena


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