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Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 18th November 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Nandu crying and telling Rashmi that her father will never be happy here. Komal pacifies Kishore and says we came here to win the children’s heart. He regrets to come here. She says Nandu is spoiling Rashmi’s life, you have to do something. Nandu cries and tells Rashmi about her mum’s asthma and illness, then she has seen her mum dead. Rashmi pacifies her. Nandu says it was possible for me to remember mum and live, so I decided to take all responsibilities on me, so that I don’t get time to remember mum’s death and dad’s doings, today Kishore has come here, I hate him.

Rashmi says people change in time. Nandu says all men are same. Rashmi says then the man I m marrying would be same. Nandu says Jolly is good guy, and hugs Rashmi. Bittoo talks to Raju and asks did he call Nandu’s dad here to trouble Nanu. Raju says Nandu is gone now. Mishra comes and asks Bittoo to go home, he has to talk to Raju. Bittoo leaves.

Mishra says I complaint in municipality, this Raavan will be gone. He gifts Raju a gun. Raju smiles and is glad. Mishra says you can shoot anyone if they create problem. Rashmi gets a call from Jolly. He says he wants to discuss a serious thing. She sees her father finding wine and says he won’t get it. He says his body is aching, he wants some wine. She asks why is hedoing this, don’t do this with mummy. She gives him tea and says Jolly is on call. He says sorry and leaves. Jolly says he spoke in Canada, he will get uncle get rid of wine addiction, he is a good musician. He says he is not getting enough leave, he wants to marry her in 3-4 days. She says how will we do arrangements soon. He says I love you, I will ask mummy to talk to your mum. Rashmi’s mum cooks in someone’s home. Rashmi informs her mum. Her mum gets worried and says we have to agree, as we don’t have any otpion. She asks her madam for advance. Madam asks her to sell her home and stay in rented home. Madam asks her to cook fast. Her mum cries and wishes something happens for their help. She says I think Raavan’s bad sight affected us.

Raju talks to Rashmi and asks where is she going. She says I have some work. He says your brother is asking this. She says sorry. He asks why is she taking rudely, does she does not want to keep relation with him. He says you broke all relations, you don’t know whats happening at home. He asks whats this and sees jewelry. She says mum had to agree to keep my marriage in few days. He hugs her and pacifies her. He says you will be gone in few days. Rashmi says she thought to return Raju to their parents, but this big work will be incomplete, and just Raju can do this work. He asks her to give all tensions to him and prepare for marriage. She says Jolly said basic marriage will be fine. Raju says tell NRI that marriage will happen well. The gun drops from his pocket and he hides it. Rashmi says take care, I worry for you. She cries and leaves. He picks the gun and calls someone. He says its his sister’s marriage and asks man to keep tent, what are you busy…. He ends call and says everyone get free to die. He goes to Gupta tenthouse. A man takes Gupta in ambulance saying you are going to get unwell. Nandu tells Lord that Kishore is daring to stay here. Nani looks on. Anjali shows a nice dress material for Nandu. Nandu gives her money and says I won’t wear this. Nandu jokes on Nani and gives her medicines. She asks Nani not to be annoyed with her. She goes for her duty.

Raju asks Gupta does he have medical insurance, why was he busy. He beats Gupta and makes him agree to do work of tents in model town. Nandu sees the van breaking signal. She gets Anjali’s call. Anjali cries and says everyone forced her and got me in inlaws. Nandu asks who. Anjali says Papa and Nani, I don’t want to stay here, I will die. Nandu asks her to have patience, she will find some solution. She says she will tell her what to do. She thinks of Raval’s words and thinks Raavan’s bad sight affected their happiness.

Sandeep tells his mum that Anjali is not coming to have breakfast. His Dadi says I will explain Anjali, she is young. Police comes there and says we got complaint that you want to kill your bahu. Nandu comes and asks where is my Didi, did we get late. She goes upstairs and inspector breaks the door. Nandu saves Anjali from doing suicide. A note falls down. The inspector checks the suicide note that Anjali is troubled by her husband and inlaws tortures. Nandu says my blame was right, arrest them. The police arrests them. Nandu and Anjali smile.

A man tells Raju about Nandu filing fake case against his client. Raju looks at Kishore.

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