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Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 13th January 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Raju saying who made me Ram… He asks Nandu did she understand this. Nandu says don’t worry, I know you can’t do this, you stay so busy, how will you have time for Ram leela, tell everyone that you are not interested in Ram leela. He throws water on her and reminds her about her dreams about him. He says she does acting, she rejected me and see she made me Ram. Nandu says I don’t want you to become Ram. He says I know whats in your heart, you wanted me to become Ram. They look at each other.

Rambhateri says why am I forgetting things, where did I keep script. Everyone cheer for Raju who is doing Ram in Ram leela. Rambhateri sees her son in Raju. She goes to the gym and thinks what is this new Leela Ram ji started, I miss my Raghu seeing Raju. She cries and says where will be my Raghu and how will he be, protect him Ram ji.

Nandu comes there and says you got me convinced, and got Raju Ram’s role, you made me emotional. Rambhateri says rehearsals will start when we get script. They look for it. Nandu says I did not know you love filmi magazines. Rambhateri says its Raju’s, not mine. Nandu throws the magazine and a pic comes out. Rambhateri sees her and Raghu’s pic, and similar pic falls there which Raju had. Rama ho…………plays…………..

Nandu goes to Rambhateri. Bittoo makes Raju ready as Ram ji. Raju stands holding the arrow bow. Rambhateri keeps the pic and gets the Ram leela script. She tells Nandu that she got the script, and they go out. Nandu puts the magazines back in the bag and keep it.

Everyone clap for Raju. Nandu stares at Raju and smiles. Rambhateri asks Raju to start. Raju starts the lines of Ram ji. Everyone praise him. Rambhateri asks him not to say lines like this, there are no emotions in it. Nandu says exactly. Raju jokes on Nandu and they all laugh. Rambhateri asks him to forget Raju and get in Ram’s character. Raju says its tough for me, see this Sita.

Raju asks them to get a feminine Sita to get a girl feeling seeing her. Mishra says I will present a sample and says Sita’s lines. Raju laughs. Rambhateri asks Mishra to stop it. Raju asks how will you make Nandu as Sita. Everyone laugh. Nandu goes. Rambhateri stops Nandu. She gets angry on Raju. She tells Nandu that Raju is saying much, but this thing has some truth. Nandu asks what, they are making fun of me and you see truth in it.

She goes to her house. Nani asks her did you fight with anyone. Nandu says Raju is saying I m not feminine and not fit to be Sita. Nani says let him say, how they were staring you when you dressed in Sita’s getup, you wear girls’ clothes. She gives her a dress and asks her to try Anjali’s dress. Nandu refuses and says I don’t have to prove anyone.

Nandi says I just gave advice, you do what you want. Nandu says I look good, I don’t want these boring dresses, Nani says I m waiting to see you as my daughter. Nandu says fine, I will try this for Sita Maiyya’s role. Nani asks her to do makeup and goes.

Raju asks where is Nandu, Rambhateri can bring any girl. Rambhateri asks him to focus on his Ram role. Nandu comes there with over makeup and weird clothes. They all laugh seeing her. Nandu gets sad. Raju jokes on Nandu, and says drop her to circus, Nandu will look joker. He asks her to leave. Nandu cries. Rambhateri stops her, and says you all laugh on Nandu, she has dressed like this for special motive, see world with heart, understand woman’s beauty, not by eyes, but by heart, you all don’t have heart, Nandu got tears by your nonsense, the woman inside her is crying. Nandu leaves. Garima scolds Raju and everyone, and asks them to think what if your sisters are caught in such situation, will Raju and everyone do the same. Raju gets serious.

Nandu cries and says now see my enmity, enough of your jokes Raju. Raval gives the house keys to Raju…

Written Update By Amena


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