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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 5th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kailash recalling Atharv’s words. He says no, Vividha can’t do this with me. Dadi asks Uma to call Vividha and find out where is she. Uma calls Vividha and is worried. A lady asks Sujata do you think Vividha will come. Sujata says yes, Atharv has belief that she will come and I believe on Atharv’s belief, come.

Atharv sits making a garland. Sujata tells Atharv that its just engagement and you are preparing as if its marriage. He says Vividha has come in my life as Laxmi, she changed my life. he recalls her and smiles. He says Vividha did not get such love, she got power, status and money too, she made my life complete, you gave me birth and Vividha made me learn living. Sujata smiles and says we both are also lucky that you came in my life. Atharv says that’s why I m making this garland to welcome her.

Uma says Vividha is not taking call. Badri tells Kailash that Vividha has gone out of your control, whats the use of your rules, she has run away. The guests say its an hour, the girl did not come. Sujata tells Atharv that wait got long. Atharv says no. She says you will remember this wait. He says I will not forget this day, look around this temple, I will remember all this, just Vividha has to come, you understand that I got something, I have got respect for you and showed Vividha that she can take decisions without asking her dad. She says you both are made for each other, she has given a flight to your dreams and you have given strength to her feet, I hope that Vividha does not get afraid. He says she won’t get afraid, don’t take tension, she will definitely come. He looks at the temple entrance.

Uma says no, Vividha can’t do this. Kailash says what can’t she do and why, she is your daughter. They all get shocked seeing Vividha coming home. Kailash hugs her and gets glad seeing her. Everyone get relieved seeing her. Kailash says I knew my daughter can’t do this with me. Vividha tells Kailash that Guddi is gone. Kalash asks where. Vividha says Guddi went with Chintu, don’t know where. Kailash says she will come if she went with Chintu.

Vividha says no, they are missing since night, Chintu is not a nice guy, he is trapped Guddi, I should have understood this before. They all get shocked. She says Chintu did not wish Guddi and I call her Bhaiya, and tells them everything how she has seen him outside her room at night, Guddi left making an excuse. Kailash and Badri get shocked. Badri says whats this nonsense, you mean Chintu is after your sister. Vividha says yes, because your son is not a good person, I did mistake, I wished I trusted Atharv.

Atharv calls Vividha. The guests apologize to Sujata and leave. Kailash disconnects the call. Atharv says call disconnected……

Vividha argues with Badri. She tells Kailash that Ankit said Chintu is not at home since night, I m sure Chintu and Guddi are together, we shall inform police and not waste time. Kailash stops her and says we don’t have to get police involved. She asks why Papa. He says we will find Chintu and Guddi, if we go to police, Guddi’s name will be ruined, what respect will our family have in society.

Badri says Kailash you got mad. Kailash says we will see later, call Chintu. Vividha says we should inform police, anything can happen. Uma says I m getting scared. Kailash scolds her for sleeping and not looking after daughter. Vividha says Chintu can do anything. Badri says my son is not like that. Vividha says you and we did not know Chintu, I wish I heard Atharv. Kailash says don’t take her name, you forgot the difference between right and wrong, Badri call Chintu. Badri says he is not answering. Kailash says till we talk to Chintu, we will wait, we won’t talk to any outsider. Atharv calls Vividha again. Kailash throws and breaks her phone in anger. A boy runs and collides with Atharv. The garlands fall down. The guests step on the garland and leave. Atharv cries and looks at the gate.
Atharv recalls Vividha and cries. Jaana na dil se door…………….plays…………Sujata and Abdul uncle look on. Atharv holds the garlands.

Kailash says no one will talk to any outsider. Vividha says Papa, but maybe Atharv can help us. Kailash says Atharv Atharv, do you know how many times you took his name, who is he, we are not related to him. this is about our family, its our matter, I don’t want help of Atharv. He asks Vividha not to have any relation with Atharv.

Atharv confronts Vividha for not coming to temple and says I know you were stopped from coming there. Kailash asks Vividha to say, did I stop you from going to temple. Vividha says no. Atharv gets shocked and says I did mistake to love a heartless person.

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