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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 4th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Atharv asking Kailash to come inside and see the machines. Kailash and Badri get shocked seeing the machines of milk processing unit. Atharv signs a blank cheque and gives to Kailash. He asks him to put six months later date, you are businessman and will understand just about profit, I will take back my haveli by giving 10% more amount. Kailash says I will not give you haveli at any cost. Atharv says when you give your daughter’s hand to me, she will stay in that haveli, and you won’t suit to stay in her inlaws, that time you will need this cheque.

Sujata comes there holding a Lord idol. Abdul uncle and some people come along playing dhol and dancing. Atharv hugs Abdul uncle and dances. Sujata and Atharv place the idol and pray. Kailash recalls Atharv’s

words and the past incidents. Kailash sees everyone dancing and celebrating. Sujata goes to cut the ribbon. She cuts the ribbon and inaugurates the dairy farm. She breaks coconut and the water falls over Kailash’s face. Kailash looks on as Sujata’s prayers continue. Atharv greets him as Sasur ji and asks him not to get angry, you know well that you can’t get a better son in law than me, Vividha and I are getting engaged in temple, if you and your family come to bless us, it will be good. Kailash says don’t take her name, Vividha does not love you. Atharv says you know it well that she loves me.

Atharv says you just don’t believe this and does not want her to accept this. Kailash says Vividha does not love you at any cost. Atharv gets Vividha’s call and asks Kailash if this is the case, then why is she calling me right now. He shows her incoming call and says I think my love has made your fear out of her heart. He answers call and says Vividha, I knew you will call me. People lift Atharv. Vividha tries to tell him about Guddi. Atharv says our day has come, this is celebration of our love, you just follow your heart, I promise I will keep you happy always, just hold my hand once. She says listen to me, Guddi…. He says get Guddi to temple. He can’t hear her because of the dhol. He says I will wait for you in temple and ends call. Badri asks Kailash why is Vividha calling Atharv, did she fall in love with him. Atharv calls out Sasur ji….. Vividha says where did you go Guddi, where shall I find you.

Inspector asks Guddi does her parents know what she is doing here, give me your parents number, I need to talk. Guddi says no please, don’t call my Papa. Chintu tries to bribe inspector and do settlement. Inspector slaps Chintu. Guddi says don’t do this. Inspector says this is our duty. Chintu runs away. Inspector asks are you running from home for this fool. Guddi gets shocked and cries recalling Chintu’s words.

Atharv takes Kailash’s blessings. Kailash asks him not to call him sasur ji. Atharv apologizes to him for whatever happened between them before. He says my mum said I can never take your place in Vividha’s life, I don’t want to do that, I don’t want her to break relation with anyone, I want to have a relation with her, our families can make a relation. Sujata says Kailash ji, you are Lord for Vividha and know her well, you and Atharv want Vividha’s happiness, and today her biggest happiness is my son, but she is afraid of you, free her heart, I request you not to sacrifice her love for your ego. Atharv says Kailash ji, whatever I do is from my soul, my work and loving your daughter, I promise I won’t let any sorrow reach your daughter, her eyes won’t get tears ever.

Atharv says you had problem that I could not keep her well as I did not have money, its justified to think that as a father, but see today all this got possible, same way as you earned all this, Sujata’s diary farm will be first merchandised one, I did all this so that you give Vividha’s hand to me happily, forget the past, lets make a new relation here. Vividha is coming temple, I want you to come there as well, as our happiness is incomplete without you, I will wait in temple for your blessings. Kailash angrily goes with Badri.

Vividha is at Guddi’s call and calls Kailash. Kailash’s phone is in car. Kailash goes to his car and says Vividha can’t do this, she can’t cheat me. Vividha thinks where is Guddi, why is Papa not taking my call. Inspector asks Guddi for her dad’s number, I need to talk. Guddi pushes inspector and runs. Inspector asks staff to catch her.

Kailash comes home and shouts where is Vividha. Uma says she went out, she did not tell me. Dadi says she will come. Kailash asks how will she come, did you forget what Atharv said, its 1st July today, he made his factory and called Vividha in temple.

Sujata and Atharv are in temple. Sujata shows ring to Atharv and says its good right. He says yes, I chose good bahu for you and its good that you chose the ring for her. Pandit asks Sujata for her would be bahu. Sujata says she would be coming. Uma says Vividha can’t do this, she will be coming home anytime. Kailash sits in shock and says she has gone, she can’t do this with me, she will never come now. Atharv says she will definitely come. Vividha cries being worried for Guddi. She recalls Atharv’s words and leaves to meet him at the temple. Atharv waits for her.

Kailash tells Vividha that no one will talk to stranger about this matter. Atharv calls Vividha. Kailash snatches her phone and throws it angrily. Vividha cries.

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