Jaana Na Dil Se Door 22nd September 2016 Written Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 22nd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door serial

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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 22nd September 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Vividha cries seeing Atharv’s bike and helmet. She recalls Atharv kissing his bike and wearing his helmet, their ride. Tumse bichadke aisa laga………..plays…………She kisses his bike. She holds the ladder and recalls how he used to use that ladder to climb to her balcony. Jaana na dil se door………plays……… All those moments around his belongings are shown. Kailash asks her to come. Vividha sits in the car and leaves. She thinks no one can step in her life except Atharv.

Ravish and his soldiers group runs in the jungle. Ravish proceeds for the war. Kailash and everyone reach Ravish’s place. Kailash tells everyone that Suman’s husband died recently, its her greatness that she has said yes for this marriage, don’t talk anything rubbish. Suman, Daddy ji and others welcome Kailash and his family. Kailash introduces Ankit. Suman introduces her daughter Aditi.

Kailash says its good thing that my mum’s health got fine. Suman says there is nothing joyful than us than seeing you all. She sees Uma hurt and asks how did you get hurt. Kailash lies that Uma ran to call doctor for Maa, and she slipped, they are Maa-beti, not saas-bahu. Suman asks Uma are you fine, shall I call doctor. Uma says no need, I m fine. Kailash asks Guddi to get Vividha. Guddi asks Vividha to come. Vividha gets down the car and comes to everyone. Suman smiles seeing her.

Suman says you don’t know how much these eyes waited for you. She kisses on Vividha’s forehead and says welcome to your new home, I will try that you feel his home as yours. Vividha recalls her words. Suman says this is not that dress which I gave you, did you not like shagun dress. Uma recalls Suman giving shagun. Suman asks why did you not wear shagun dress.

Kailash says no, its not like that, the clothes fitting was not right, and Uma did not have time to fix the problem. Kalindi says you have good info about women’s problems. Kailash says I stay with women, my home minister wife controls the house, she rules there. He acts sweet. Vividha walks ahead. Kailash stops her and asks her to wait and get aarti done. Suman does her aarti. Kailash asks her to take elder’s blessings. Suman blesses Vividha and says I hope your steps spread happiness in our and Ravish’s life, you fill light in our house by your love, come. She takes Vividha inside.

Vividha steps inside the house and power goes. They look on. Daddy ji asks them to find out about sudden light failure. Kalindi says you said Vividha will get light, but here she has taken light away. Ravish and his group target the enemies and shoot then. Vividha does not see Ramakant’s pic there. Suman says Amavasya is also necessary to celebrate Diwali, that why we light diyas to end the darkness, look there Vividha, we have lit diyas there and Laxmi has stepped in our house. Ramakant’s pic falls down and candle falls over it.

Kailash says Suman ji, I wish you think this forever, my daughter has become your bahu and came here as Laxmi. Suman says Colonel Saab chose Vividha, and I m proud of his choice, I trust him. The candle lights Ramakant’s pic frame. Suman gets shocked seeing the fire and rushes. Vividha and everyone turn to see, and does not see Ramakant’s photo. Suman puts water and blows off the fire. She sees Ramakant’s photo frame and cleans it. She hugs the photo. The girl Bhoomi goes there and says Mami ji, abshaguns are happening with new bahu’s arrival, when marriage happens….. Suman says I will not bear this misbehavior on the name of superstitions. The power comes. Suman smiles and asks Bhoomi to keep this photo in her room. She goes to them and says marriage is in Brahmamahurat, the time is 4am, you all have come from long way, take some rest, till then Ravish will come.

Guddu gives some water to Vividha. Uma worries. She tells Dadi that this is happening wrong, Suman ji is a nice lady, she should know Vividha’s truth, I will tell her the truth, I don’t care about Kailash. Uma goes to Suman. Suman asks the man to put all lights on generator. Uma sees Kailash talking to Daddy ji. She tells Suman that she has to say something about Vividha. Suman asks her to say. Kailash sees them and worries. Uma tells something……

Ravish gets shot and falls down. Suman says I want to say something, Ravish is fighting with the terrorists at the border and we have no news about Ravish and other soldiers. Kailash asks what about my daughter Vividha. Daddy ji says if you want, we can cancel this marriage. Kailash gets shocked.

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