Jaana Na Dil Se Door 18th July 2016 Written Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 18th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door serial

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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 18th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Vividha saying I have chosen the guy for myself, that’s Atharv. She tells Kailash that she did not wish to tell this to him in such way, but she can’t hide this from him. She tells Revathi that Atharv is a clean hearted guy, he knows to make his dreams come true, he always gave me equal status, I respect him from my heart, I had neglected my feelings for him till now, but not anymore. Atharv looks on.

Vividha tells Kailash that she loves Atharv. She says I respect Atharv and want to marry him. Sujata prays for Atharv and Vividha. Kailash asks Vividha did she go mad, don’t you understand anything. He tells Revathi that Atharv did some magic on him. Vividha says no, I m in my total senses and saying I want to marry Atharv. Abdul uncle tells Sujata that my heart says that decision will be in our favor today. Sujata gets a call and answers. She gets shocked hearing her husband’s voice. She says you……

Vividha says I hear and understand everything now. She holds Atharv’s hand. She cleans his face with her dupatta. Revathi asks Kailash did he call her to show this drama, her time got wasted, I will leave. Kailash asks her not to leave. She insults Kailash and says you can’t become part of our high society, shall I get this girl’s proposal fixed with my relative, no way. He requests Revathi. Vividha asks him why is he folding hands infront of Revathi, he did not do anything wrong. Kailash shouts enough. Sujata runs on the way.

Revathi asks Kailash did you see me bearing insult in 25 years, you got your answer. She leaves. Kailash slips while stopping her, and Atharv holds Kailash. Vividha asks are you fine Papa. Kailash gets angry and holds Atharv’s neck and face, hurting him. They all get shocked.

Sujata cries and runs somewhere. Vividha asks what are you doing Papa, the outsiders are gone and we are just family here, Atharv is your would be son in law. Kailash stops her from saying so. Kailash leaves angrily. Atharv asks Vividha to go and manage Kailash, he needs you more. Vividha goes after Kailash. Sujata is still seen running on the road.

Vividha asks Kailash to give her a chance to explain. She says I have taken big decision of my life without your wish, but you know I never do anything wrong, I think a lot before doing anything, you know I never lie to you, you are my everything, I can’t imagine in my dream to hurt you, I m your Vividha, your pride, you may feel I m doing wring, if you try to understand, you will understand I m not wrong, father is superhero for every girl and she finds her father in her husband, the one who loves and respects her as her father, the one who walks holding her hand and love her family as her father does. She cries and says Atharv can do all this, just Atharv.

Guddi recalls Atharv’s words and says I can see the effect of Atharv’s magic in Vividha. Vividha says Atharv loves me and my family. Kailash recalls Atharv holding his collar. She says I know you dislike him, but to be true, I tried hard to dislike him, I wanted to hate him and keep him away from myself, but I did not know when he became part of my life. Kailash recalls Atharv. She says everyone saw that I love him, I did not know as I did not wish to realize, I did not wish to love the guy whom my Papa dislikes, but its true that I love Atharv, I took much time in realizing my love, but now I can’t deny this. Everyone look on.

Vividha says I can’t stop loving him, you always wanted to give me happiness, you wanted me to marry in rich house so that I don’t have any problem, I promise Atharv will keep me very happy. Kailash gets angry. Vividha says my happiness is not in any big family, when you started business, you did not had anything, but mum and we were happy with you. Kailash cries. She say happiness is to live with loved ones, I learnt this from you and mum. She promises him that Atharv will love her more than him, her happiness is just in Atharv, she can’t see herself with anyone else now. Kailash recalls Vividha and Atharv. She asks him to accept this proposal for her happiness. She requests and cries. Kailash recalls Atharv’s challenge and leaves while she tries to stop him. She says my life is incomplete without you two, I love Atharv, please Papa….. She cries. Atharv hears Vividha confessing love. Saware….plays…………….

Atharv hides his tears and makes Vividha smile asking her to smile. He signs her his love and she smiles.

Written Update by Amena

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