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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 17th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Uma asking Vividha to control her emotions. Vividha says yes, I know, when I heard they are leaving the city, I did not think anything, I started running, I don’t remember how I reached Atharv, maybe I wanted to stop them or see Atharv once, I don’t know what happened. Uma cries realizing Vividha loves Atharv. Vividha says I love Papa and can’t see him hurt, how can I hurt him. Kailash asks Atharv not to take Vividha’s name, how can he dream to get her, you are eyeing my house’s respect, I will not leave you. Vividha says I have hurt a good father. Guddi says relax. Kailash scolds Atharv. Atharv says you did and took whatever you could, but you can’t snatch my fate, Vividha is my fate. Kailash says stop nonsense, throw them out. The men hold Atharv. Kailash reminds Sujata that she begged for Atharv. She says I have hidden things and he was my weakness, now he knows everything, he is my strength.

Kailash says now I understand how your son is such, you both mum and son are shameless and mad. Atharv says mind your tongue. Kailash speaks bad about Sujata’s past and calls her shameless. Kailash asks Sujata did she tell the truth to Atharv, or not let Atharv know truth about his father, or how many fathers he has. He points to Sujata’s character. Atharv shouts Kailash Kashyap and gets free of the goons. He holds Kailash’s collar. Vividha hears Atharv and they all go out in balcony to see. Vividha gets shocked and shouts Atharv. Kailash gets silent.

Sujata stops Atharv. Dubey falls down. Sujata asks Atharv to leave Kailash. Vividha and her family get angry. Atharv pushes away the goons again and catches Kailash. Vividha and everyone rush downstairs. Atharv asks how dare you say bad about my mum. Vividha pushes him and slaps him hard on his face. Atharv gets shocked and looks at her.

She holds his collar and asks how dare you catch my Papa’s collar, we should not even see your face. She cries and slaps him again angrily. Atharv looks at her. She says Papa says right, you are mad, you don’t care for anyone except yourself. She slaps him again. Kailash smiles. She says Papa says right, you are not suitable for anyone. She slaps him fourth time. Sujata cries. Atharv gets in disbelief. Vividha says Papa always said right, I was wrong, I did mistake to understand you, I thought you are a nice man, you are different, but no, you are senseless and ill mannered, Papa said right. She raises hand again and Sujata holds her hand, asking her to stop it. She asks what are you doing. Vividha says sorry but what your son did my Papa, this is lesser than that misbehavior, this is out of my tolerance, this are my values that I don’t raise hand on elders. She says what did you today Atharv, this will raise fingers on Sujata’s upbringing, because we take our parents’ name along, you have defamed your mum’s name by your actions. He gets teary eyed and stares in her eyes.

Vividha asks Kailash to come, some people are not good and don’t deserve goodness. She cries and takes Kailash. Sujata and Atharv cry. Atharv recalls how she came running and hugged him. He contains all the pain in his eyes and stays silent, looking at her. Jaana na dil se door……………plays………… Vividha runs upstairs. Uma asks her to listen and goes after her. Kailash smiles and thinks Atharv did great favor on me by holding my collar, it was tough for me to control Vividha, and Atharv made her away from himself in one go.

Atharv goes to stable’s storeroom and cleans the place. He throws the chairs and gets angry. Sujata worries seeing him. She asks him to listen. Atharv and Sujata clean the place. She asks him to let her clean, but he continues working angrily, while recalling Vividha’s words. He removes his vest and starts painting the wall. He recalls Vividha’s anger and the good moments between them. He wears his vest back and cleans the floor. He sinks himself in the work to divert his mind. His silence does not break, even when Sujata keeps on stopping him. She asks him to talk to her, why does he want to suppress everything. He asks what. She says I can see your pain in your eyes, I know you are hurt by what Vividha did, just think about her, you got angry hearing bad about me, how will she wear if you held Kailash’s collar. He says Vividha has seen I held Kailash’s collar, not Kailash’s wrong words. She says you raised finger on my upbringing, I m responsible for that, whatever you do will question on me, swear on me, whatever happens, you will not raise hand on any elders.

Atharv says I did big mistake, I have hurt her a lot. Vividha cries and says I feel Atharv broke my heart. Atharv says I gave her tears. Guddi says you love him. Vividha denies it.

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