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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 16th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kailash emotionally talking about his extreme love for Vividha. He tells his life struggle, and how he worked all day and night, walking upto 7 kms by walk, it was very tough, but he did this for his daughter. He tells her how he worked hard for her sake, to give her the best in life. He says you did not ask me anything till date, how did you ask question today, that too for Atharv, you maybe feeling I m Jallad who make people homeless, when you asked this, hear the answer and understand the truth, Sujata has taken my help and she has taken money for me always in installments, I did not tell her no, and always helped her and gave her money, I also gave loan to Atharv and did bail too, did I ask Sujata to keep house mortgaged, if she could not save her home today by paying money back, will you ask me the reason? I have earned money for you by my hardwork, shall I drain it, I did not tell about this loan to anyone just to keep Sujata’s respect, my daughter is asking this to me today, why, did I do this struggle for this day, I struggled for your happiness, you did not think about your Papa when you hugged that day in the market, you ruined the respect I earned in these 25 years. She cries.

He gets angry and asks why did she do this. He says you did not run alone, your younger sister’s future and dad’s name also ran along, you have made point fingers at us. Its all because of you, if someone loves a person, then that person only hits on back, I promise your bidaai will happen in better and richer house. Sujata says this house will see Vividha’s doli coming here. Kailash and everyone get shocked seeing Sujata and Atharv there.

Kailash asks did you lose any belonging here. Atharv and Vividha see each other. Kailash sees Vividha looking at Atharv. He asks everyone to go inside, and shouts. Uma takes Vividha inside the house. Vividha sees Atharv and is taken away.

Uma scolds Vividha and asks her to stop it now, whatever Kailash said, did you not hear or forgot? Dadi says maybe anyone did black magic on it, maybe Sujata did it. Ankit says Vividha is perfect, she can’t do any mistake right? Vividha asks Uma how will Atharv and Sujata stay. Uma gets angry and asks her to listen, you ruined Kailash’s love and values, just shut up now, he will never forget this.

Atharv and Kailash have an argument while taunting each other. Kailash asks him to talk with manners, as he is owner of the house now, Sujata has signed on the papers. Atharv jokes on Kailash’s words. He says you have put enough pressure on my mum, not anymore now. I did not know much things before, but now I know everything. You have called Sujata and insulted her at your home by calling her on pretext of cow puja, you threatened her in middle of the road, I know everything, but now your black deeds can’t even touch her, as her son is standing infront of her as her shield.

Kailash says your wounds healed, I think memory is gone, did you forget this house is mine now, legally. Atharv says you don’t understand legal papers, else we would have really got homeless, you tried all ways to snatch this house, my Nani named this haveli to my mum, you have taken signs legally, just for the haveli, this stable land was bought by my mum by her money, we still have its papers with us, you have this haveli and this stable is ours, we will not leave this stable and not go anywhere, you could not become good person, atleast become a good neighbor, legally.

Kailash says Sujata, you cheated me. She asks him to understand fair means first, if she explains, then she will expose his deeds so much that he has to hide infront of his family. He asks her to be in status. Atharv holds his pointing hand, and asks what will you do, you don’t do mistake to move this hand towards my mum, else you will lose your hand. Kailash asks the men to kick them out. Sujata says you can’t do this, stable land is ours. Atharv says this is illegal, you will go in lockup. Kailash asks lockup, I will make this land a lockup. Atharv asks how, by cheating more, like you are cheating your daughter, if you have courage, call Vividha and do all this infront of her. Vividha says I don’t know what happened to me, when I heard they are leaving from city, I did not think anything and started running from home, I don’t remember how I reached Atharv, I wanted to stop him from leaving or maybe I wanted to see him once. She cries………

Kailash gets his men catch Atharv and starts humiliating Sujata by saying bitter and filthy words to her. He says your mum did not let you know who is your father, or how many multiple fathers you have, just because of her bad deeds. Atharv shouts Kailash Kashyap and gets free of the men’s clutches. He holds Kailash’s collar angrily. Just then Vividha comes there in balcony and sees Atharv angry on her Papa. She gets mistaken.

Written Update by Amena

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