Jaana Na Dil Se Door 16th July 2016 Written Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 16th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door serial

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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 16th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Vividha telling Atharv that she will jump down if he does not talk to her. Atharv asks her to jump, what will happen if you say. Kailash tells Uma that Revathi has come. Dadi, Uma and everyone welcome Revathi. Kailash tells everyone that Revathi did a lot for him when he started his business, even his own sister would have not done this. Revathi says its fine, if Lord gave me a lot, its my duty to help those who have less, why is stable smell coming inside house… Revathi’s daughter says they have raised cows. Kailash says its not our cows, milkman has kept that cows. Dadi asks Kailash why did he make Revathi his namesake sister. Revathi gifts Dadi.

Vividha says I will really jump. He asks her to jump. She says I will get hurt. He says you will get hurt when you really jump and show. Saware…………plays………. He gets busy in talking to his staff. She recalls his words.

Vividha shouts Atharv and jumps down. Atharv gets shocked seeing her fall. He throws his umbrella and runs to catch her from much distance. He reaches her in nick of the time, and catches her in his arms. She faints by fear. He asks her to open her eyes and takes her. He asks are you mad, does anyone jump from mountain like this, open your eyes. Jaana na dil se door……………plays…………..

Dadi asks is this saree or dhoti. Revathi says Kailash, I take costly gifts, it shows my status, I don’t give cheap gifts, even if others are of low status, where is Vividha, you were saying about her right. Kailash says yes. Revathi says this matter should end soon, you know I left imp work in Jaipur just for you, call Vividha. Kailask asks Guddi to call Vividha and tell her to come from college soon. Guddi calls Vividha. She says Vividha ais not answering. Kailash says Vividha goes to college and comes home straight, she would be coming.

Vividha opens her eyes and says Atharv’s lines. She asks what happened now. He asks are you mad. She says I knew nothing will happen to me till you are there, you won’t let anything happen to me. She laughs.

Atharv scolds her asking does she think risking her life is a joke, why is she laughing. Vividha smiles and kisses him. They have a liplock. Music plays……….. Haan hasi bangaye……. Plays………. They have an eyelock. She says I love you.

Kailash orders sweets and says Revathi has come, packing should be special. Uma asks Kailash does he think what he is doing is right, ask Vividha once. He asks her not to say nonsense. He says no arguments, you won’t tell this to Vividha, I will tell her, I m seeing you are talking a lot these days. Guddi hears them and calls Vividha.

Atharv tries to go, and Vividha stops him. He pushes her and gets away. She says I m saying I love you, you are pushing me. He says yes. She asks did you not hear I said I love you. He says I heard it. She goes to him and asks whats this way, you used to be after me and challenged to marry me, you explained me meaning of love, when I m saying I love you, you are saying I m mad, you get treatment, whats your problem. He says problem is same, you don’t have courage. She says courage, I called police and got Chintu arrested. He asks can you tell your Papa that you love me, if Guddi did not disappear that day, would you come to temple to get engaged to me. She says no. He says this is my problem, you can’t go against your dad, whats the use of loving me, will you tell your Papa that you love me, what will happen then, he won’t accept me, love and courage are two sides of a coin, love does not need any permission, it needs courage, when you get that courage, that day come to me and say you love me, I will stand with you. He leaves. Jaana na dil se door……………..plays……….

Kailash tells Vividha that he has found a rich family guy for her and she will get married this month. Vividha says I can’t marry that guy, because I chose a guy for me, that’s Atharv. Atharv looks on. Kailash gets shocked.

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