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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 10th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Atharv and Sujata being on the way. Sujata finds him crying. He recalls Vividha and his belief on his love. Tune jo na kaha………plays……….. He was bumping into a truck and takes bike to a side. Sujata asks him is he fine. He says nothing is fine, don’t know what happened to me. She makes him sit. He says I felt when time comes, she will support my love, I trusted her, I have put my feelings and life at stake. Sujata cries and hugs him.

He says she can’t even stand for her own sister Guddi, she has let Chintu go, how will she stand for us. She says sometimes our loved ones don’t stand for us, it does not mean their love is weak. She says I just know, Vividha loves you a lot, she will surely come. He says no, she has no courage, she just obeys her dad. She calms down Atharv. He hugs Sujata and they cry.

Dadi tells Uma that Atharv did big favor on us, after Kailash insulted him a lot, even then Atharv has bear so much insult and saved our house’s respect from Chintu, he has warned us about Chintu before. Vividha hears Dadi. Dadi says I feel scared to think what would have happened of Guddi if Atharv was not there, he is clean hearted and strong, and his eyes are such that….. I mean he is a diamond, pure gold. Vividha smiles. Dadi and Uma go.

Uma goes to Kailash and says there is nothing to worry, I mean nothing happened between Chintu and Guddi, I know you are not happy with Vividha’s decision to call police, but Chintu had to pay for this deeds. She gets scared as he holds a lamp. He switches off the lights and rests. Uma gets relieved.

Guddi sits in balcony and cries. Atharv sees her and waves to her. He signs her to smile. He signs did she have food. She signs no. He asks her to wait, and takes the food plate for her, while she asks him not to come. He climbs up to balcony. Guddi asks him to go. Vividha gets food for Guddi and hears Atharv. Atharv asks Guddi did she not have food being angry. She says I m angry on that idiot.

He says we will scold in hindi, only then we get satisfied, he has beaten you. Guddi says Kamina….. Atharv reminds what all Chintu told her. Guddi gets her anger out. He asks is she feeling better, now sit and have food. Guddi refuses. He insists and makes her have food. Vividha smiles. Guddi says I m not a kid that you scold me and feed me. He says you are still young, stop crying for that creep now.

She says I did big mistake, I was mad to love him. he says love is never wrong, even if its with wrong person, if he is not suitable, its his mistake. She asks how would I know whether he loved me or not, if he said true or not. He says if two people are made for each other, they don’t have to say it, their eyes express love. Vividha hears him and recalls their moments. Guddi asks what do you mean.

Atharv says when you truly love someone, that person should feel he is luckiest person as you are with that person, you should give equal rights. Vividha smiles recalling the three love proofs. Atharv says your dreams should be imp for him as their own dreams, person should believe his fate and be proud of you, someone who is not ashamed of you, who can shout and say he loves you, and whom you don’t need to hide, you won’t need to hide feelings and he should be always with you when you need him the most, he should love you so much that looks don’t matter, who should not change you and his company makes you better person, someone with true love, who is exactly like you, not going ahead or lagging behind, such who holds hands and walks with you, enough of lecture, have food. Guddi says Vividha is lucky that you came in her life. Vividha smiles.

The wind blows. Atharv turns and sees Vividha at the window. He says now Vividha and I are not related, I wish I loved you, atleast you can have courage to stop my hand and stand infront of your dad. Guddi says in this birth, you are made for Vividha, and in next birth I will ask you from Vividha. He say Vividha did not support me in this birth, who has seen next birth. Saware………plays………. He says Vividha’s chapter is closed forever. Vividha gets shocked and cries.

Vividha goes to Atharv. Atharv asks Vividha what is she doing here, if Kailash or anyone sees her, what will they think. Vividha holds him close and kisses him. They have a liplock. Music plays…………..

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