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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 7th October 2015 Written Update

Neil thinking he has to hide about his bankruptcy to family. He has to arrange 35 lakhs somehow, but cannot borrow from Karan and RK as they don’t have so much money. Ranbir enters and cries hugging him. He asks what happened. Ranbir says he is his hero and he loves him. Neil says even he loves him and asks whappened to him suddenly. Ranbir says he knows about his bankruptcy. Neil asks if he does not trust his father and says he will get out of problems soon and says he wants him to be much bigger doctor than him. Ragini enters and asks if they are talking something important, she will come later. He says nothing important, he wants to see Ranbir to be much bigger doc than him. Ranbir leaves. She asks him if he gave gifts just like that or with some reason. He starts giving weird reasons. She says he cannot even lie properly and wipes his sweat.

Agam talks to Suhani about his girlfriend. Nishi enters and asks which girl he is talking about. He says Jignesh asked him to get a girl’s number. She asks to tell in detail. He says he is sleepy and acts as sleeping.

Agam takes Suhani dressed in servant clothes to meet his girlfriend. Girlfriend’s brother stops him and asks why is he wandering around here. He says his sister wanted to meet his friend, so he came here. He asks where is his sister. He shows Suhani and signals girlfriend to say yes. Girlfriend says she is her friend. Brother asks to take her to her room and talk then.

Arav comes to Ragini’s room to pick property papers, but hides seeing Ragini. Ragini takes property papers and meets broker. Broker says he can get 1 crore for her flat. She says building neighbors told she can get 1.5 crores. He says it was 2 months ago, now prices have come down. She says she wants to mortgage. He says he can get 70 lakhs. She says she needs 35 lakhs. He says he can easily get 35 lakhs and asks when she needs money. She says by evening. He says he will send his assistant with mortgage papers and once she signs it, she will get money in 2 hours. She thanks him and leaves. Arav enters next and asks broker to get 70 lakhs instead, give 35 to Ragini and 30 to him and keep 5 lakhs as his fees. Broker says he needs signature from his mom. Arav asks him to make 2 papers, one of 35 lakhs and another of 70 and leave it everything to him.

Pam goes to your cafe with RK as well as their flirting starts off. Ragini calls her and claims she arranged revenue. Pam asks how did she set up. She claims she will convey to later and asks her not to tell Neil. Pam asks why. Ragini states she is aware her brother perfectly, even then she can not recognize that Neil will likely not get income from her. Pam states she will only thank her now and Fortunately disconnects contact.

Super naani relates to Neil’s area and asks when is he marrying. Neil says he lost his dollars, property, dignity, and so on., who’ll marry him now. She says Ragini and factors at her. Neil is stunned to determine Ragini standing at door.

Ragini many thanks Neil that at last Naani remembers her name now. Neil states Ragini will not likely marry him as she is company with her clinic admin job. Ragini says Neil is joking.

Precap: Sunny delivers courier and says it is actually from US. Neil asks her to give to him. Ragini states it’s her residence, so it have to be for her. Neil asks her to prevent conversing like a youngster, US mails will be only for him.

Written Update By Sahir


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