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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 6th October 2015 Written Update

Episode begins with Neil opening his laptop hoping Ragini’s wifi to work. He opens his online bank account and sees zero balance. He calls bank executive and asks if there is any mistake. She says no and his balance is zero indeeded. He realizes that he is bankrupt and even his house is auctioned. Ranbir hears his conversation and asks what happened. He says nothing and leaves saying he is going on a walk.

Karn asks Agam how is his love life going and says his girlfriend is very beautiful. Suhani asks how can he see other girls and cheat Dimpy. Dimpy comes just then. He says seeing girls is not cheating and asks to seek his expert advice. Suhani says she needs advice. He asks who. Dimpy holds his face and turns it towards her. He panics seeing her.

Devika asks Ragini to accompany her for coffee. Ragini says she wants to go home soon as she has some work and thinks she cannot tell her problem to anyone.

Karan says Agam and Suhani they were about to break his love life. Agam says how to get a girl attracted. Dimpy comes and says one should make girl feel jealous. Karan says she proved that she is his wife and says I love you. She says she does not.

Pam comes home and asks Ranbir where is Neil. She says he has gone out and even his wife is missing. Pam says Ragini is trying to collect 35 lakhs to stop Neil from know about his bankruptcy, so he should respect her now at least. He sees Arav passing and follows him. Arav enters Ragini’s room and searches some papers. Once he finds it, he corrects things back. Ranbir silently watches it and goes back to hall. Arav also comes and sits on sofa with everyone. Agam says why are everyone so silent and asks to play antakshari. Sunny says even she will join. Super naani scolds her that she cannot play being so old. Everyone laugh. Neil comes and gives a gift to Nishi asking her to give it to Jignesh and gives another gift bag to Suhani. Suhani asks what is special today. He says he felt like gifting something to his children, so he brought gifts. Ranbir thinks dad is hiding his sadness so easily.

Agam rotates bottle and commences activity. Bottle stops at Tremendous naani. They offer he a activity. Future bottle stops at RK and he symptoms hame tumse pyar kitna… Upcoming bottle stops at Agam. He says it is actually suhani as a substitute. Neil states it can be Agam and says his obstacle is he need to keep his face straight when RK tickles his ribs. RK and Suhani tickle his ribs and he laughs loudly.

Bottle upcoming stops at Neil. RK does arm wrestling with him and he wins. Agam asks dare or reality. Neil claims dare. Agam asks to dance with mom. Neil states Ragini is old and will not dance. Ragini states he is previous. He suggests He’s but she can not even stand. She stands and begins dancing with him hunting into his eyes. Dil ne jise apna kaha…..track…plays during the track record. They equally reminisce their young passionate times. After dance, Ragini shyingly goes and sits on her seat though Neil sadly stands.

Precap: Neil suggests super naani he shed his all his hard earned dollars and dignity, who will marry him now. She suggests Ragini will marry him. He sees Ragini standing at door and gets tensed.

Written Update By Sahir


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