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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 6th November 2015 Written Update

Nivedita telling the foreign investigating team that she has proof which will give clear picture. She shows the forensic report and says Neil has confessed that their marriage is a contract marriage. She says they were acting and lying now. She says they hate each other. She says Ragini left him because of his anger 18 years now, but she is supporting him now because of her children. She plays the audio clip and it turns out to be Golmaal song audio. Nivedita says it might be some confusion and says audio clip was with her. Aman asks where is audio clip? Nivedita says Neil might have taken audio clip from my purse. Neil says I am sitting here, and says your mental state might not be right. Nivedita rues to insult him. Investigating team say that last interview is left and then they will get results. Pam and RK are tensed thinking about interview. Neil and Ragini come there and says they have passed with full marks.

Ranbir congratulates them. Pam asks about the audio clip. Ragini says it was some other audio clip. RK says Nivedita says very clever and confident. Pam asks who has changed the audio clip? Aman says he has changed it and says he got the chance when he went to drink coffee. A flashback is shown, Nivedita blaming Aman for helping Neil and Ragini. Aman tells her that he will tell the investigating team about her motive. Nivedita apologizes and says truth has to come out. She says she has the proof which will be in her favor. Once Nivedita goes out of cabin, Aman steals the audio proof and exchange it with song. Neil thanks Aman and says he will help him whenever complicated case comes to his hospital. Pam says lets go home and share good news with kids.

Jignesh tells Ranbir that the goons have betrayed Aarav and refused to pay him the original amount which he gave to them. Ranbir gets tensed and says they have to save Aarav. Jignesh calls him, but he doesn’t pick the call. Ranbir asks him to reach there and says he will come there with RK.

Neil and Ragini come home. Suhani says we came to know that everything have ended. Agam tells about the tape. Ragini says nothing such have happened and says interview was good. They get happy. Suhani asks about audio clip. Ragini says Aman has changed the audio clip and when the clip was played, Nivedita was so embarrassed. Karthik congratulates them. Nishi says we shall celebrate.

Nivedita thinks they may have carried out Erroneous with me and receives indignant. She claims I will never drop. Pam involves Nivedita and tells that Suhani applied to consider you as her mum. Pam says she utilized to loathe Ragini, but is satisfied with Neil and his little ones pleasure. She suggests my adore is to check out my loves types content anywhere They may be and with whom. She says you may have stoop so very low. Pam asks her to stay by itself and suggests you have misplaced even Suhani. Nivedita gets angry.

Aarav asks the goons to return his revenue. Goon asks him not to acquire tension and asks him to attend until they double The cash. Aarav insists to have the funds. Goons refuse and threaten him. Aarav threatens to get in touch with Police. Goons start out beating him. Jignesh reaches there and asks Ranbir to come back there. He will come inside of and asks the goons to halt beating Aarav. He claims we don’t want any money. The goons beats Aarav. Ranbir arrives and retains the goon hand. He claims I’m his elder brother and asks him to face him. Police comes there and arrests the goons. Jignesh goes Using the Law enforcement to complete the formalities. Ranbir appears at Aarav.

Ragini asks Neil if he has taken a call. Neil states Pam wishes to stay here. Ragini asks if Pam is considering to settle down in India. Neil suggests don’t know, she didn’t notify something. Neil thinks Ragini might be awaiting my response. Ragini thinks she’s waiting.

Real Estate Agent comes to Ragini and shows papers stating that she has taken 70 Lakhs loan. Ragini tells there is some misunderstanding and says she has taken 35 Lakhs rupees. Agent says her son has taken 35 Lakhs rupees also. Ragini is shocked.

Written Update By H Hasan


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