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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 4th November 2015 Written Update

Dr. Aman telling Ragini that they got engaged, but then Neil came back and she postponed the wedding. He says you have decided to marry Neil, breaking my heart. I was very hurt and didn’t know that it was a contract marriage. He says when I saw you after your marriage, I saw spark in your face and says I have understood that your happiness is with Neil. She asks her to speak her heart out and says then this case and investigation will not matter. He asks her to confess her feelings to Neil. Ragini says it is not like that and asks him not to force her. Just then Neil comes and looks at them. Pam tells RK that Nivedita has recorded her conversation with Neil. She says Nivedita has recorded about Neil and Ragini’s contract marriage, and that they got married to save Nishi and Jignesh’s marriage. RK says kids are happy and are unaware of this development. Pam says she has provoked Nivedita to give the audio clip for authentication. RK says it is a big matter. Pam says she will inform Neil and Ragini, and they might take out the solution.

Neil asks Aman what he was saying? Aman says it will rain, and says weather is unpredictable. Neil says it will not rain, and asks what he was saying. Aman tells Neil that Ragini wants to tell him something and leaves. Neil tells Aman is same even now and haven’t change. Ragini tells that he brought list of questions for helping us. Neil says it might be his plan. Ragini says he don’t know how to plays games and says he is very straight forward man. She says Aman is not with Nivedita and is in the investigation team because of helplessness. She says Aman is his mentor, and friend. Neil asks why did he run from here seeing me? Ragini says may be he is scared of you.

Suhani, Karthik, Aman and Nishi talk about the questions. Agam asks who will train Dad. Nishi says obliviously Aman uncle, else she asks Agam to train Neil. Jignesh comes to meet Aarav and tells that his mom refused to give money. Aarav says I can understand and says that’s why I opted for second way. Jignesh asks him to show the way being his friend. Aarav asks him not to invest then. He says my way might be wrong, but not my intention. He asks him to understand his situation and refuses to help him.

Nishi thanks Aman for helping them. Aman says he can’t ask Nivedita about her questions else she will be alerted. Agam asks Aman to take Neil’s interview. Aman nervously says that he can’t take Neil’s interview. The kids try to convince him. Aman says he is not scared of Neil and agrees.

Aman thinks where did the kids trap him. Neil comes. Aman asks him to sit. Neil asks him to hold the paper rightly. Aman asks Neil where did you meet Ragini for the first time. Neil says questions are unrelated to the case. Aman thinks what to ask then. He asks him to say what he likes in Ragini now which he didn’t like before. Neil confuses him and asks how he will identify that I am saying truth or not. Do you have some parameter to test our love or truth. Aman is tensed and confused. He asks who is taking interview? me or you. He asks Neil to say when did he say I love you to Ragini. Neil looks on.

Nishi asks Ragini to hear the inquiries very carefully and reply. She asks some random questions after which you can asks when did Neil explain to her I love you final time. Ragini suggests they will not ask her these queries. Nishi claims you can find such queries in Aman’s checklist. She says Aman is getting Neil’s interview. Ragini asks how did Neil get convinced being experienced by Aman. Suhani suggests they have emotionally blackmailed Neil and Aman. Ragini thinks to halt Aman and Neil from conversing. Nishi asks when did they went to candle gentle dinner? Agam and Karthik question Aman what happened inside of. Aman tells something, and suggests He’s a doctor also. He states he manufactured Neil preserve silent and asks when did he say I really like you to Ragini. Karthik and Agam are astonished. Aman says Neil explained which they don’t will need to specific like for each other by phrases and they don’t want any formalities to confirm Some others. He mentioned that their care is exactly what that matters to one another.

Neil asks Ragini if she want to talk to him about a thing and lower her coronary heart. Ragini asks Neil what did Aman requested him during the job interview. Neil suggests Aman is nice, but he don’t have the characteristics to consider my interview.

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