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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 30th September 2015 Written Update

The episode starts with Kabhie khushi kabhie gham…song…playing the background. Arav sits next to Ragini, takes her plastered her hand and writes sorry maa on it. Ragini gets emotional. Suhani says we all will write on it, first Ranveer’s turn. Ranbhir writes get well soon. Suhani writes best mom, Nishi writes get well soon, Agam same. Ragini gets more emotional. Sunny says even she wants to give her autograph and writes on plaster.

RK gets coffee for Pam and asks her to drink it instead of green tea. Pam says she will drink green tea and then work out to lose weight. He flirts that she looks pretty now and will not if she loses weight. She says she is losing weight to get fit and not or him. He says size zero girl’s husbands are zero. Dimpy comes and he points at her. Pam says RK called her very thin and Karan as zero. She asks if he. He says he told she looks pretty in size zero and Pam to take tip from her. Their jokes continue.

Nivedita calls Neil and asks how is Arav now. He says he is fine. She asks him not to scold him as he is already guilty and says she got some people with cardiology quieries and sent referred his name. She sent email about their questions and asks if he will reply. He says yes. She thinks Ragini will be out soon and she will get Neil forever.

Agam watches his crush girl’s hiding near grocery shop when girl’s uncles catch him and apologize for troubling him. Agam tries to leave. They catch him and say he is looking very lean, so he they will teach him desi exercises and make him fit. Sunny sees them and thinks they are bullying Agam. She tries to confront them, but they leave. Agam says they were just talking to him. She says she knows these goon trouble children and will teach them a lesson.

Pam after workout tells Karan that she did nice workout and must have burnt 300 calories. He says she needs to burn 500 calories at least and himself starts munching puffs. She says she will workout more tomorrow. Ranbir calls her and tells dad is asking his laptop as Nivedita has sent him mail. She asks him to keep laptop away. Dimpy comes and asks her to come and have lunch. Pam says she will have sometime again and runs.

Neil takes laptop forcefully from Ranbir and switches it on. Ranbir calls Pam, but her phone is switched off. He thinks Nivedita must have sent something wrong and he should somehow stop it.

Pam enters Nivedita’s home and asks why is she not picking her calls. Nivedita asks her to unwind and demonstrates Neil and Ragini’s FB pic despatched by Sunny tai. Pam asks what did she send Neil in a mail. Nivedita says cariology seminar similar paperwork. Pam asks if she is certain. Nivedita Indeed and then claims she sent another unanimous mail during which she despatched particulars of what is happening to Neil’s position and hospital in the united states. Pam asks if she has absent mad. Nivedita shouts and states Of course and claims she desires Neil back. Their argument proceeds.

Pam receives into her car or truck and sees Ranbir’s skipped phone calls. She phone calls him and suggests he is right, Nivedita sent mail regarding their individual bankruptcy as well as cardiology write-up and asks if Neil browse it. Ranbir suggests not however. Pam asks him to stop Neil someway.

Neil opens his mailbox. Ranbir tries to interrupt him by showing apps on mobile. Neil says he has them on his mobile. Ragini enters and asks Ranbir to sit. He says he is fine. Neil says wifi is very slow. She says she got connection just today and if it is slow, she will complain. Neil asks her to rectify it soon.

Precap: Badi naani sees Ranbir checking Neil’s laptop and asks what is he doing with Neil’s laptop. He says wifi is slow and he is checking if papa’s mail came or not. Neil comes out of washroom and listens to their conversation.

Written By: H Hasan


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