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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 2nd November 2015 Written Update

Part 1 will be added soon.

Suhani worries thinking Neil and Ragini will fight during the interview. Karthik tells they are matured enough. Nishi asks her not to worry and believe on Karthik’s words. They goes to Pray. Ragini asks Neil to hurry up and says you are not going to see alliance for your kids. Neil compliments her beauty and says she is looking beautiful. Ragini tries to wear mangalsutra. Neil offers to make her wear and makes her wear mangalsutra. He then fills her maang with sindoor. Saathiya ye tune kya kiya plays……………Ragini thanks him. Neil says lets go. Pam comes to Nivedita. Nivedita asks her not to waste time and asks her to go. Pam tells her that she came to save her time. Nivedita asks her to fool others. Pam asks what you will do when you see yourself failing at the last min. She says that audio clip is the last option for you. Nivedita says you came here for audio clip. Pam says she will not confess that the voice are hers and Neil’s in the audio clip. She says you are a big lawyer, but didn’t authenticate the voice from the lap. She asks her to do that else her respect will be ruined. Nivedita thinks she didn’t think about that and thinks it will take 2-3 days and she can’t afford to lose that. Nivedita leaves. Pam follows her in auto and thinks she will get time now to get the tape, and Nivedita will not show the audio infront of investigation team.

Pam calls Suhani and asks if Ragini and Neil left from home. Suhani says yes. Pam asks her to eat food. Suhani asks can she go there? Pam says no and reasons with her.

Jignesh tells Aarav that he wants to invest some money to make it double, and says he wants to repay the money which his parents had given him. Aarav tells that he has invested the money and will organize his meeting with the man. Jignesh says he wants to meet him.

Nivedita asks Neil about his flight and says you came on a brief see. Neil asks her not to possess worthless converse and come to the point. Nivedita asks Aman to talk to dilemma. Aman asks Ragini to convey what took place when Neil lifted his hand on her. Ragini states you realized while you was there. Aman states I reached there late and need to know being an investigating crew. Ragini tells everything and information her statement. Nivedita asks if any one compelled you. Ragini states no. Nivedita asks Neil, if he slapped RK. Neil claims yes, as he misbehaved with my sister. Nivedita asks if you are going to increase hand with your spouse, if she goes against your sister. Neil states I’ll raise hand if need be, but my wife will never do this kind of issue. He asks her to look at the situation. Nivedita asks concerning the domestic violence scenario. Ragini states she has taken again situation. Nivedita claims law is just not a joke. Ragini talks about spouse and spouse’s relation which sticks in opposition to all odds, and claims you won’t ever know.

Ragini tells Aman that you may be wanting to take revenge from us. Aman states no, and says he really want to help them. Ragini asks him to go away them and says Nivedita may need sent you to find out our preparations concerning the case. Aman appears to be like on.

Written Update By H Hasan


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