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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 26th August 2015 Written Episode Update

The episode starts off with Pam contacting Neil and informing that Nivedita is all right with his marriage with Ragini. He asks her to let him talk to Nivedita. Pam asks Nivedita to inform that she is ready to visit Pune. Nivedita states she’s alright. Neil tells Pam if Karan is aware. She suggests Of course and tells Karn that Neil wishes him to accompany Nivedita to Pune. He agrees. Pam relaxes and thinks she really should influence Arav now.

Suhani, Agam and Sunny decide on their dresses for Ragini and Neil’s relationship. Sunny states she’ll rock in Ragini’s marriage. Naani asks Nishi to dress in her relationship lehanga. She says it’s in Jignesh’s property and he or she is not going to use it. Naani claims she ought to. Agam states we should select sari for Mother as it truly is her Particular working day. Ragini sees small children happy and tells Naani that while she’s not happy with remarriage, she’s going to for children’s contentment.

Pam asks Arav to show up at his dad or mum’s relationship. He claims she promised him that she will acquire him to US and now she desires him to show up at Neil and Ragini’s marriage, how can father marry Ragini even after knowing his plan. Ranbir enters and asks him to behave with Pam and claims even they’re not happy with this relationship, but maintaining quiet for Nishi’s sake. Pam calms down Arav and asks him to go to it for Nishi.

Pam then goes to Dimpy’s home and asks why is she disturbing Karan throughout his traveling. She says her lip balm is missing. Pam says she will be able to use her lip balm. Dimpy asks why did she send out Karan with Nivedita, what is cooking in her thoughts. Pam states she is very clever and suggests Neil and Ragini are having married. Dimpy is stunned to listen to that and asks her to repeat. She says she read it suitable and claims she needs Ragini bhabhi to marry Neil once more. Dimpy asks if she heard it correct and suggests Karan stopping flirting and she or he halting hating Ragini is impossible, even though god says, she will likely not believe that it. Pam says Of course, she wants them to remarry for youngsters’s sake. Dimpy asks if Nivedita understands over it. She states no and so she despatched Karan with her to maintain her engaged till marriage. She suggests karan is handing situation extremely properly.

Neil relates to Karan’s residence and calls him. Pam enters and suggests he went with Nivedita. He asks if Nivedita seriously understands about marriage. She suggests of course yes. He claims he promised Nivedita to marry her, so He’ll talk to her as soon as. He calls her, but her mobile is outside of array. He calls karan and in some cases his telephone is away from selection. She states she explained to there will be no signal. He asks exactly where is Arav. She claims in his home.

Neil enters Arav’s area and sees him exercising. Arav claims he desired him to acquire US and settle his lifestyle, but now he wants to remain in India. Neil receives emotional and hugs him and claims he will help him in regardless of what conclusion he requires. The moment Neil leaves, Pam enters and suggests she listened to their dialogue and suggests Neil is screening him how will he react in this situation.

Nivedita with Karan reaches Pune hospital and asks Karan if she is certain Neil would like to acquire this regular-hunting hospital. Karan says Of course and thinks he googled that A different Dr. Nachiket is effective right here. She goes to receptionist and is particularly about check with about Neil when Karan stops her and claims they would like to meet up with Dr. Nachiket. Receptionist claims He’s conference, and they should hold out for a while. Karan can take Nivedita to cafe and she suggests she would like to obtain bouquets for Neil. Karan claims she’s going to appear fool. She asks did he necessarily mean fool. She suggests he signify hind phool/flower.

Pam changes Neil’s sim with Karan’s. Neil enters wearing kurta pajama. Pam asks if he Completely ready for marriage. He suggests contract marriage. She tries to feed him sweet curd and suggests it is his sasuma’s buy. He says he is lactose intolerant and will get rashes. He checks and sees quite a few messages of Karan’s girlfriends and reads them. Pam receives tensed and tells karan’s girlfriends will damage her plan.

Precap: Ragini tells Neil that she is remarrying him for youngsters’s happinees even understanding about his affairs.

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