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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 24th September 2015 Written Update

The episode starts with Neil’s secretary Monica informing Pam that hospital board of directors are not ready to accept that Neil and Ragini are remarried and are auctioning Neil’s bungalow for 20 crores. Pam asks her to do something. Monica says she cannot and Pam herself has to arrange 20 crores somehow. Pam starts crying and informs Ranbir. Ranbir asks how will they arrange 20 crores. Pam says Karan. Ranbir says Karan is out of state. Pam sees RK and thinks of asking him. She goes near RK and he starts flirting. She says she is serious and asks if he can do anything for him. He says he can die for her. She says she does not need his life and asks if he can give her 20 crores. He asks if she is joking and says he has a farmhouse and some bank balance, thats all. She says she was joking. His phone rings and she asks him to pick call and leaves.

Dairy farm girl meets Nishi and they start conversing that they met after a long time. Nishi says she will introduce her to her siblings and introduces her to Suhani and Ranbir and says they are from US. She says she has another brother. Agam sees girl and hides. Once she leaves, Suhani asks why did he hide seeing that girl. He says she will not understand and asks them both not to tell girl that they are his sisters.

Nivedita calls Aman and asks him to come back and find out what is occurring. He suggests why will he on her invitation. She suggests he is familiar with she will likely not arrive unnecessarily and claims she’s going to connect with him back again. Pam passes by and asks whom she is conversing with. Nivedita says a Specific friend. Pam taunts now consumers are calling her typically. Nivedita claims she is Specific. Pam asks her to let her satisfy her cellular friend. Nivedita states she’s going to. Pam suggests she’s going to wait.

Dahi handi breaking ceremony starts. Ranbir breaks handi and may descending down falls. Ragini runs to rescue him and will save him from head-on collision but injures her hand. Full family runs to her. Neil asks RK to bring auto. He lifts her and leaves in RK’s car with Ranbir. Nivedita attempts to enter, but Pam stops her. She yells at Pam why did she end her from likely and sent Ranbir alternatively. Pam states Ranbir is a health care provider and may be necessary there and what would she have done there. Nivedita states it is actually none of her company and carries on yelling.

Neil can take Ragini to Aman’s medical center. Doc checks her and asks how did she injure. Neil claims her son was falling, so she went to rescue him and wounded herself. Doc performs x-ray and suggests she got hairline arm fracture and should relaxation for one week and should utilize leave. Ragini suggests she will show up at healthcare facility.

Tremendous naani thinks Nivedita as her servant and asks her to massage her knees. Nivedita resists. Pam and Suhani snicker. Naani asks Pam to therapeutic massage then and claims she is aware she is Phoolmati/Sunny tai’s relative. Sunny will come and asks where by is her relative. Naani details at Pam. Sunny states she doesn’t have this kind of weird relations. Pam indicates Naani to drive her servant itself. Nivedita states she won’t ever, but viewing Neil coming starts off massaging Naani’s knees.

Neil enters with Ragini and Other folks. Youngsters asks if she is fine. Neil suggests she is ok and just has hairline fracture. RK asks Ranbir to thank his mom for preserving him, else he would have fallen on head. Pam thanks Ragini. Ragini states it absolutely was her obligation.

Nivedita says Arav has not attained property but. Ragini states she forgot about Arav. Just then, Anyone hears Arav shouting on another person exterior apartment making.

Precap: will be updated soon.

Written Update By Sahir


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