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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 22nd June 2015 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Neil and Ragini chatting in garden. Their small children watch it and explore that their chemistry remains on. Nishi suggests they should reunite them. Suhani says How about Aman then. Agam jokes that they are going to get him sanyas and laughs.

Ragini taunts Neil that he will not know how to tackle youngsters and provides him moral gyaan. Aman will come for a wander, sees them chatting and thinks they need to be combating all over again, so he shouldn’t disturb them and goes to the lawn for the stroll in dim. Neil sees his shadow and suggests Ragini that he observed a thief. They the two go and conceal and he asks Ragini to provide some rod. She goes and provides from kitchen. He sees Aman going forward and backward and tells that theif must have forgotten why he arrived right here. She asks him to catch thief as opposed to lecture. At the time Aman will come, she hits his head and he wraps him in bedhseet.

Complete spouse and children gathers. Agam asks if he should call law enforcement. Neil suggests Certainly. Badi Naani commences shouting to conquer britisher. Sunny tai will get her road and he or she hits Aman lightly. RanbirK will take rod from her and starts off beating Aman. Karan will come and claims RK is coming to give them surprise and so they must have hit him considering thief. RK will come just then. Karan asks who is this then. Everyone shout thief and try to strike Aman, but Beil stops them and asks to let us see who it’s. He eliminates bedsheet and everybody are stunned to find out Aman. Neil claims Ragini hit him. Sunny sprinkles drinking water on Aman and he wakes up with bruised confront asking where by is he. Neil states Ragini strike him and states he was thinking about marrying Ragini, so she strike him. They all consider him in.

Ragini offers him turmeric milk. Neil apologizes him and asks what was he undertaking in dim. Aman suggests he came for a stroll, but observed them battling, so went in darkish pondering not to disturb him. He claims they stopped their struggle early today. Neil asks why was he going in via window. RK suggests he came in by using window to surprise them. Aman asks even then as opposed to calling law enforcement, why did they conquer him. Neil says Ragini hit him with rod and Agam and Ranbir upcoming, not him. He asks Agam to show footage. Agam says he uploaded it in social media. Sunny claims it got one hundred likes currently. Aman asks if his facial area is seen. Ragini asks everyone to halt joking on him. Every person apologize. Jignesh asks Aman considering that he fulfilled him, he constantly saw hjim difficulties, is he getting kundali problems. Nishi laughs loudly. Aamn claims only Jignesh might make Nishi giggle. Neil receives emotional and walks from there.

RK asks Karan if he has foods as he is feeling hungry. Dimpy suggests as a result of him, Aman is strike and asks him to halt providing surprises. Karan asks him to freshen up while he prepares sandwich for him.

Badi naani sees Neil in lawn and phone calls him. He would make her sit and says she would have termed him rather than coming the many way. Badi naani asks if he is emotion poor as he could not hit thief. He suggests his destiny is so unwell that he simply cannot damage anybody. He says last time he came here for nishi and Jignesh’s relationship, but this time he arrived to reunite them. He Regrettably proceeds that his and Ragini’s connection can’t be sorted out now. Even if he cuts his head and keeps it before her, she will not thinks him. He says how can Ragini think about Aman when he continues to be alive. He usually arrives again in hope of reuniting, but won’t. He commences shedding tears and claims he is telling her as she can’t don’t forget anything at all. She claims he is her son and she can have an understanding of his suffering. She are unable to overlook him and Ragini in any respect and they’ll program some thing.

RK enjoys Karan’s well prepared sandwich and praises him. Karan claims Everybody praises his foods besides Dimpy. RK suggests she does not know taste. Karan claims she is a monkey. Dimpy comes and asks that is monkey. RK says they had been referring to tigress whom she is. Dimpy states she heard their dialogue and asks Karan to come back in to area, she will instruct him a lesson. Karan tells RK because of him, He’s obtaining punished and leaves. RK sees Neil roaming all-around and asks what exactly is he executing at this time. Neil states he was talking to badi naani and they equally commence chatting. RK asks about Pam. Neil says she’s by yourself in US. RK will get psychological.

Jignesh sees Ragini in kitchen area and many thanks her for calling him. She suggests she did her work and now it’s his turn to convince Nishi. He asks the place is she heading with milk. She states to present it to Nishi. He claims he will give it and takes it from her.

Precap: Ragini informs Suhani, Agam, and Ranbir that Nishi is not pregnant. They are shocked to hear that.

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