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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 1st September 2015 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with RK hugging Pam and saying he is proud of her that she forgot her revenge and r eunited Neil and Ragini. He takes selfie with her. Pam thinks of taking his sign as witness on contract papers, but then thinks he will read papers, so she should not. She sees Asha naani and thinks she is illiterate, so she can get her signed as witness. She asks naani to sign papers. Naani asks what is this. Pam says Neil decide to share 50% of his property with Ragini, so he made these contract papers and shows Neil and Ragini’s signatures. Naani is about to sign when Sunny stops her and says she always asked her to read papers before signing like they do in serials. She reads papers carefully. Pam gets tensed and asks her what did she find in papers. Sunny laughs and says if she had known English, she would not have been maid. Nishi enters and asks what is going on. Sunny asks her to read papers. Pam says these are legal papers which Neil and Ragini have signed, even she signed as witness and is asking Naani to sign. Naani insists Nishi read. When Nishi is about to read, Agam comes and says there is a surprise for her outside. She retuns papers and runs outside with him. Pam takes naani’s signatures.

Nishi thinks Jignesh must have come and searches him. Suhani asks if she is searching Jignesh. Nishi says no. Suhani says she knows she is missing Jignesh.

Agam announces dance performance by youngters in Ragini and Neil’s honour and all youngsters start dancing on nacho saare ji phadke….song.. After dance, everyone clap for them. Neil tells Ragini that he called Arav here so that his anger calms down against her.

Pam announces dance performance by Neil and Ragini. Neil says Ragini that he knows she does not like dancing with him, but they have to for children’s sake. They both dance on dhak dhak dil bole ye….song. Children also join them and start dancing, except Arav. Ragini sees Arav standing aside and goes near him. Neil also goes and says he feels good seeing him here. Arav says he explained him to do whatever he likes, he wants to be with his papa, so he came here. Neil hugs him. Agam comes running and thanks Arav for coming. Neil asks to reclick a family photo.

Nivedita in police station fumes that ACP is holding her unnecessarily. Constable thinks she is badmouthing ACP and suggests if she ever does it once again, he will lock her into cell. She asks what did she do. He says she misbehaved with on-responsibility ACP. He shouts. Karan asks her to serene down. She asks why is he not getting his DIG Pal’s help. He suggests his cellular phone is unreachable. Inspector enters and asks her why is she in this article. She tells him entire situation and asks him to bribe ACP and Allow her go. He asks her not to worry and enters ACP’s cabin.

Mehandi ceremony commences. Mehandi designer writes RK on Pam’s hand. RK taunts her. She claims it really is PK poonam khanna, her title. Karthik says he didn’t know her title is poonam khanna. She asks him to call Pam and taunts if he also needs mehandi. He states He’s all right with it. She asks mehandi designer to apply mehandi on his arms and legs.

Neil seems at Ragini’s mehandi and reminisces younger times in which in the course of their first marriage, Ragini asks him to go looking his identify on her hand. He suggests he are not able to see. She suggests Meaning he doesn’t adore her. He asks her not to repeat that and asks the place is his identify. She reveals NK. He claims his identify is Nachiket rather than NK. She claims it is short kind. He comes from flashback when Suhani wakes him up and asks to search out his identify on Ragini’s palm. He repeats same that he simply cannot see it. Suhani exhibits NK and suggests his love for Mother has lessened, so he is remarrying her. He gets angry and leaves.

Dimpy divides relatives into staff. RK asks by which He’s in. Dimpy claims he is in Neil’s crew as Pam is likewise in his group. Neil states if their team is formed, they might go away. Pam claims she has termed media to cover his marriage as it should help him and his small children.

Ragini thanks Arav for coming. Arav says he doesn’t want her many thanks as he arrived for papa rather than as her son. She asks what exactly is he expressing. He suggests he is telling right, papa gives space which she will not. He does not have anywhere for her in his daily life. Ragini will get unhappy Listening to that.

Precap: Nivedita is shocked to see Neil and Ragini’s sangeet pics in newspaper.

Written Update By Sahir


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