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Nishi telling Ragini that she is tired and needs divorce from Jignesh. Ragini starts crying and says divorce means loneliness, burden of responsibilities, taunts, staring eyes, etc.. Neil consoles her and then asks Nishi if she has really decided to divorce Jignesh. She says yes and will become self reliant doctor like him. He says he is happy hearing her thinking, but wants to know if she can live her life without thinking about Jignesh. She bends her head silently. He says he and Ragini made a mistake 18 years ago and she saw the consequences, how their lives and children were divided, etc. He continues explaining her. Sunny tai informs that Jignesh has come.

Neil with Ragini goes and gets Jignesh in. Jignesh says he failed in convincing Nishi. Neil says he was explaining Nishi just now. Ragini says yes. Jignesh says that is the problem, everyone wants to explain Nishi, but she does not want to understand herself, he thinks she does not love him at all. Neil tries to convince, but he gives money and says when Nishi is not with him, why would he need money, it does not matter to him at all, he will live his life in Nishi’s memories. He asks Ragini to take care of Nishi and leaves. Nishi runs calling him, hugs and tells she cannot live without him. Whole family gets emotional. Nishi brings her bag, hugs Neil and says he is her hero and loves him a lot. Neil says even he loves him a lot as she is his elder daughter and got some of his qualities. He then tells Jignesh he will send money back and will back him, not to worry. Nishi leaves with Jignesh. Ragini emotionally leans on Neil’s shoulder and cries.

Ranbir hears Arav’s friend telling him that he will be rich soon and should not forget them. One of them asks how did he get so much money. He says it is secret. Ranbir speaks to him and says he may not consider him as brother or friend, but as a stranger should take his opinion as he wants him to become successful in life and not make any new mistake and create problem. Arav asks if he is done with his speech, he should stay away from him.

At night, before sleep, Ragini tells Neil that she did not think Nishi’s life would resettle so early. Neil says even he did not and asks what is now. Ragini says now things are settled down, if he will go back to US. He says not so soon and asks if she wants to tell something and thinks if she will tell she does not want to break their marriage again. She also thinks he is egoistic and will not say same. He thinks she saw him explaining Nishi, even then she is acting. She says now he take a decision about going back to US and set things right. He says if she thinks he should go, then he will. They both sleep facing each other’s back and think who will tell first.

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