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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 13th October 2015 Written Update

Pam telling Neil that he is bankrupt and finished in US. Neil says he knew about it and asks she saw him facing much more severe problems in life and never shattered. Pam says Ragini is much better than him as he always tried to insult her, but she cannot see him in pain, so she mortgaged her flat for 35 lakhs and herself gave it to Jignesh’s parents. Neil is shocked to hear that. Pam then tells Ranbir that he always insulted Ragini as she portrayed Ragini wrong in front of him, now she accepts that Ragini is best mom in world. She hugs Ragini and cries vigorously. Agam says he is proud of her and she is best mom in the world. All children hug her. Neil silently watches.

Arav goes to goon’s hideout and sees him playing carrom with low class people. Goon says he does not anyone to notice his business, so he kept his low class people and asks if he brought money. Arav takes him out and says he got 30 lakhs and when will he get 60 lakhs back. Goon says in 1 week. Arav asks what is guarantee. He says his words are his guarantee and asks him not to come before 1 week. Once Arav leaves, he prays god to send more bakras like Arav and runs into his den.

Neil enters room and sees Ragini crying. He asks why did not she inform him about it, how can he know without she telling. She says even now he is blaming her. Ranbir enters and apologizes her for insulting her and says he misunderstood her for 18 years and used to break toys in childhood imagining her, now he is feeling very guilty. She hugs him and forgives.

Suhani and Agam consider Nishi to your restaurant wherever Jignesh is dining. Nishi sees him and suggests allow us to go. They both equally insist and sit on a close-by desk. Agam’s crush will come putting on brief skirt. Agam suggests that Lady may be very very hot. Nishi states she’s milkman Mishra’s daughter. He states she might not as she is extremely very hot and appears higher class. Lady goes and introduces herself and suggests she’s new to this city, so she desires to befriend him. He says he is by now married. She says then it is nice, she will handle her spouse and children perfectly and he can handle his wife. He asks her go depart him by yourself. She leaves signaling Agam and Suhani. Nishi then goes to Jignesh and starts yelling that he purposefully disregarded that girl to impress her. Their argument continues and he leaves. She states Agam and Suhani they did not do proper by bringing her below and leaves in car.

Suhani calls Ragini and informs her every thing. Ragini with Neil goes to Nishi’s place and asks why is she ruining her life, she is aware of she fought with Jignesh just now. Nishi states she is tired of Absolutely everyone’s interference and wants divorce from Jignesh. Ragini and Neil are stunned to listen to that.

Precap: Neil asks Ragini to inform how to prevent Nishi and Jignesh’s divorce. Ragini states he is a lot more intelligent and may locate a solution. He states he couldn’t even save his house and popularity.

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