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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 12th October 2015 Written Update

Epi begins with real estate agent giving 35 lakhs to Ragini and asking her to count it. She says it is fine and asks when she has to return it. He says 1 month and after that she will have to pay interest, so she should return money within 1 month. Neil sees Ragini taking money and leaving and gets suspicious.

At Jignesh’s house, his parents discuss that Neil did not pay money to their creditors and backed off from his promise. Pam comes with Ragini. Krishnakanth says Jignesh is not at home. She says they came to meet them and gets in. She asks if they have phone, then why did not they call Nishi. They both get embarrassed. Susheela asks what is in this bag. Pam says with which, her eyes will glow. She opens bag and is surprised to see money bundles. Krishnakanth starts bluffing that he told Neil will keep his promise. Pam asks him to give money to his creditor himself and call her instead from hereon and not Neil. He asks why her. Ragini says they don’t want Neil to know anything and get into tension. They both come out and Pam thanks and praises her. Ragini says she does not have to thank her as she would have done this long ago to save Nishi’s marriage. Pam says she is angry on her, so she is telling this. Their conversation continues of thanking each other. Finally, Ragini says they did all this to save their family and both are right on their side and if she does not reach home, Neil will suspect her. Pam nods yes and smiles.

Ranbir informs Neil that Ragini mortgaged flat and gave 35 lakhs to Arav and he saw Arav going with someone holding money and mortgage papers. Neil is shocked and surprised both.

Agam’s jokergiri starts. He asks Karan to solve his problem. Karan says he has an idea and explains it to him and Suhani. Suhani says she does not think this will work. Karan says he has other options.

Ragini reaches household silently. Neil asks why is she getting into like thief. She asks what does he necessarily mean. He asks the place is Arav. She asks how does she know. He says she is aware. She says he should be understanding as Arav is close to him now a a times. Neil states she is exact same egoistic and commenced blaming him and pushed Arav into darkness once again. Ragini says she will not want to speak to him and tries to depart. He retains her hand. She suggests children are viewing. He states allow them to see what their mother is and states all over again she pushed Arav once more into difficulty to satisfy her go. Nani asks why are they fighting. Neil suggests Ragini is at fault. Ragini suggests He’s doubting her without having knowing purpose. He says he isn’t and Permit small children know their Mother’s superego and asks again where did she mail Arav with dollars and in which did she go. She repeats she does not know in which Arav is. He continues questioning where by did she go together with money.

Pam includes RK and says she went along with her. Ragini asks her to help keep tranquil. Pam asks why is she tolerating Neil’s impolite actions. Ranbir asks why is she taking Ragini’s aspect. Pam asks him to shut up and asks if she did not taught him to keep quiet when elders chat and tells Neil that he often blames Ragini for his problems and states he ought to know very well what is happening with him. Ragini attempts to end her once more. Pam says Permit him know what is occurring with him and tells him that he’s completed in US.

Precap: Pam claims Neil that Ragini sacrificed a good deal for him, she mortgaged her flat for 35 lakhs and gave that cash to Jignesh’s parents to maintain his assure.

Written Update By Sahir


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